Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India

Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India: Many cities of our country India have many mysterious incidents in their hands. Here all such places which are beautiful as well as full of surprises, seeing which you will be forced to press your finger under your teeth.

The secrets of these mysterious places are such that even today science is unable to understand it. If you also want to visit such places full of mystery and adventure, then you can include these 5 Mysterious secret travel destinations of India in your Wishlist.

5 Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India

1. Magnetic Hill, LadakhMysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India

Very strange charisma of nature is seen in Ladakh. This is a hill which is known as Magnetic Hill. Because without driving here the car automatically goes four kilometers without petrol. Because there is tremendous magnetic power on this hill. Because of this, if a car is parked in neutral, then it does not move downhill but towards the top of the hill. Not only the vehicles but also the ships flying from the sky are not able to save themselves from this gravitational force. (Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India)

2. Kuldhara Village, RajasthanMysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India

This village is Kuldhara village of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is said that this village has been in the possession of spiritual forces for the last two 100 years, this village once playing a laugh has turned into a ruin today. This village has been deserted for the last 170 years.

Thousands of people of this village had left this village in a single night and had cursed on the way that no one will ever be able to settle here again. Since then this village has been deserted. The administration has built a gate on the outskirts of this village, through which tourists keep coming to visit during the day, but no one can dare to cross this gate at night. (Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India)

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3. Hide and Seek Beach, OdishaMysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India

One such beach located in Orissa from where the beach disappears and people are surprised to see this sight. There is a secluded beach just a few kilometers away from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, where the ocean disappears for a few hours and then comes back. Yes, this beach is unique in that the water retreats by 1 to 5 kms during high tide and ebb. In such a situation, when the people of the sea turn backwards, people run towards it. (Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India)

4. Great Wall Of India, Kumbhalgarh Fort, RajasthanGreat Wall Of India, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan

The Kumbhalgarh Fort Wall of Rajasthan is the second largest wall after China. That is why it is known as the Great Wall of India. This place is very beautiful as well as mysterious. It is said that when these walls were being built, they fell on their own. When the king asked a saint the solution to this, he said that here is the shadow of the goddess and she needs a human sacrifice.

The saint surrendered himself for the sacrifice and after walking 36 kms offered his sacrifice to the goddess. After that the walls here kept standing on their own. It still remains a mystery to most explorers. According to legends, this wall was built to protect the 3000 principal temples located inside the fort. The thickness of this 36 km long wall is such that 10 horses can run on it simultaneously. (Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India)

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5. Floating Island Of Loktak, ManipurFloating Island Of Loktak, Manipur

Have you ever heard of a floating lake, otherwise you can get to see this wonderful sight in Loktak Lake located in Manipur, North East India. Loktak Lake is one such lake which is also called floating lake because it is the only lake in the world which appears to be floating. This lake is also very famous for seeing the sight of floating phumdis (rings made of grass). The view of small phumdis makes Loktak Lake very special and unique. Some floating ‘islands’ groups on this lake are so large that many resorts have been built on them, from where you can enjoy the view here. (Mysterious Secret Travel Destinations of India)

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