Nail Disease Treatment – Symptoms, Types and Home Remedies

Nail Disease Treatment – Have you noticed any changes in your nails recently? A change in color, texture, or shape may be harmless, but it can also be a sign of disease. Nails are unique structures made of keratin, just like the superficial layers of hair and skin. Nails protect the sensitive tips of the fingers from accidental trauma and are made up of a layer of germinal tissue called the nail matrix. The matrix can be found at the very base of the nail, hidden under the skin fold.

The nail matrix is ​​the part of the nail bed that supports and nourishes the nail plate. Nail folds hold the nail in position and connect it to the skin, forming a cuticle. If you notice any changes in your nails, they could be a symptom of nail disease. You already know the tips to keep nails strong. Today we are telling you about the treatment of nail disease.

Nail Disease Symptoms

Nails tell the beauty of our hands. If the nails are good then your hand also starts looking good on its own. But do you know that your nails also indicate the diseases growing in your body. Yes, in earlier times the elders or physicians of the house used to find out the disease by just looking at the nails of the hand. But with the changing times, nail diseases have also started increasing. Here we are giving some symptoms, by which you can diagnose the disease of the nail of the hand (Nail Disease Treatment).

– Discoloration (dark streaks, white streaks, or change in nail color)

– Change in the shape of the nail (curling or clubbing)

– Change in nail thickness (thickening or thinning)

– Brittle nails

– Swollen nails

– Bleeding around the nails

– Swelling or redness around the nails

– Pain around the nails

– Nail protrusion near the nail apart from the skin

Types of Nail Disease

Healthy nails appear smoother and have consistent color (Nail Disease Treatment). As you age, you may develop vertical ridges, or your nails may become slightly more brittle. However, if you have a habit of biting nails, then there can be damages of biting nails. Apart from this, if the skin around your nails has turned black, then it is very important to pay more attention to it. Nails can be due to bad, similarly there are many types of nail diseases, which we are telling you here.

Nail Psoriasis

Nail denting or crumbling can occur due to nail psoriasis. Symptoms may develop in people with psoriasis. This occurs when psoriasis affects the skin of the nail bed or near the nail beds. If you have psoriasis and notice symptoms on your nails, you should talk to your doctor about it.

Brittle Split Nails

Brittle split nails, or onychoschizia, are a common problem that dermatologists see (Nail Disease Treatment). The condition can cause brittle, soft, split, or thinning nails. Common causes of brittle nails are frequent wetting and drying of the nails. However, iron deficiency or an underlying disease can also cause it. Its most common symptom is that the nails break easily.


Onychogryphosis is a condition where the nail grows higher and thicker (Nail Disease Treatment), most often affecting the big toe. This can cause one side of the nail to be longer than the other. When a person has onychogryphosis, the nail becomes very thick.

Nail fungal infection

Fungal nail infection is a common condition that causes nails to become thick, discolored and easy to break. Fungal nail infections are more common in the toes than in the fingers. Many different types of mold and fungus can affect nails (Nail Disease Treatment). Sweating, athlete’s foot, and salon manicures and pedicures can put people at higher risk of fungal nail infections.

Nail Disease Treatment and Home Remedies

Our nails tell us a lot. From the stripes formed in the nail, the nail turns yellow and I don’t know what. If your nails do not grow fast, then you can try home remedies to grow nails. On the other hand, even if your nails get dirty quickly, the method of cleaning the nails can be useful for you. But when you are surrounded by diseases of the nails of the hand, then only the treatment of nail diseases comes in handy. Many people believe in trying home remedies before going to the doctor (Nail Disease Treatment). If you are also one of them, then we have brought here the treatment of nail disease for you.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia shrub-like tree, which is native to Australia. It has both antibacterial and antifungal properties (Nail Disease Treatment). It is a popular home remedy that has been used successfully to treat nail disease. Easily available in health food stores, tea tree oil has been shown to have comparable results to clotrimazole. It has been reported that when tea tree oil is applied twice a day, it is found to be extremely effective in treating nail fungus.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf has beneficial effects against fungal infections and also improves blood circulation. It works best against the treatment of yeast infections. Olive leaf extract is one of the best nail disease treatment. Using olive leaf oil is a safe and natural way to treat nail infections. Olive leaf oil is available in the form of a tincture, capsule or salve (Nail Disease Treatment). Olive leaf extract can also be taken in doses of one to three capsules twice a day with meals. It is important to continue this treatment until the infected part of the nail is completely removed and the infection is completely gone.


Garlic has always been popular as a home remedy. Garlic is a great home remedy for treating nail disease due to its anti-bacterial properties. Garlic is easily available in your kitchen. If the toenails seem to be getting damaged, you can keep several cloves of garlic in your socks at night to reduce the initial stages of infection. As an alternative treatment, some fresh cloves should be crushed and kept on the affected area for about 30 minutes after which it is washed off with water.

Garlic powder is also easily available and a light dusting of it can be used to treat nail fungus. Garlic oil can also be prepared at home by mixing one tablespoon freshly chopped garlic cloves, three tablespoons coconut oil and one tablespoon olive oil. (Nail Disease Treatment)

keep Nails Clean and Short

It is the most important of all the home remedies for nail disease in the hand, as it works to reduce the pain as well as maintain the cleanliness of the nail. It works by reducing the pressure on the nails. Trim your nails and thin them out by filing. Apply nail softening cream before cutting nails. Urea cream can be applied after trimming and thinning and then covered with a bandage. It should be washed off with soap and water, and this process should be repeated until your nails are soft. Use petroleum jelly on the skin around the affected nails. (Nail Disease Treatment)

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The best treatment to stop the exacerbation of nail fungus is to prevent it (Nail Disease Treatment). Various hygiene measures should be followed regularly. Keep feet clean and dry for most of the day. The skin between the toes and fingers should be dry. Always use lightweight socks that can absorb moisture and improve airflow. Synthetic materials should be avoided completely and try to use loose sandals or shoes with porous soles and upper surface.

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