How To Make Your Nail Polish Matte Beauty Tips

How To Make Your Nail Polish Matte Beauty Tips

Along with fashion, the trend of makeup also keeps changing from time to time. Matte nail paints are in trend these days instead of glitter and glossy nail paints. Bollywood and TV actresses also use matte nail paint to enhance their look. By the way, it is not necessary that the color of the dress you wear, you also have a matte nail paint of that color (How To Make Your Nail Polish Matte). But you don’t have to worry about being with us as our beauty tips will easily transform any type of nail polish you have into the matte version.

How To Make Your Nail Polish Matte Beauty Tips

Every girl uses nail polish to make her nails attractive and beautiful. If you want to match the dress or give an elegant look to the nails, then girls do not compromise with the nail pants at all. Anyway, these days there is a trend of matte based almost every makeup product, so how can nail polish be left behind. But for this you do not need to buy a new color matte nail polish. You can give a matte finish to the nail paint you have (How To Make Your Nail Polish Matte). So let’s know which are the ways with the help of which you can convert your nail paint into matte polish.

With the Help of Powder

With the help of talcum powder, you can apply the perfect matte nail paint. For this, you put your favorite nail color in a plate and add a little talcum powder to it. You can also use corn flour instead if you want. Immediately after mixing the powder, apply it on your nails. This will give you perfect and complete matte finish nails. Just keep in mind that when the powder is mixed in the nail paint, it dries fast, so you have to apply it on the nails immediately after mixing.

With the Help of Steam

Steaming is the easiest way to convert nail paint to matte polish. You don’t even need to make much effort for this. Just keep the water in a vessel to boil for 2 minutes before you go to apply the nail paint. Then apply any nail paint to your nails. After applying two coats, dry your nail in the steam coming out of the pot. Then watch how your glossy nail polish will turn into a matte nail paint in a matter of minutes.

With the Help of Eyeshadow

If you want to get dark and classy matte nails, then you can take the help of eyeshadow. Anyway, eyeshadows are used the least and after expiry they are of no use. But you can use it for nail polish tips. For this, take out any color of your choice from the eyeshadow kit with the help of a toothpick and keep it in a plate.

Now using a spoon or the backside of a makeup brush, crush the eyeshadow evenly so that there are no lumps, then add a little talcum powder to it. Now add topcoat little by little to this eyeshadow mixture and stir it continuously. Now add nail paint to it and mix, then immediately apply it on your nails.

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