Natasha Stankovic and Priyanka Chopra Wedding Beauty Looks

Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic got married again on February 14 and we can say that she looked stunning in the white gown but her look reminded us of another Bollywood bride namely Priyanka Chopra Jones. And they also had a white wedding.

Yes, we agree that Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren gown was quite dramatic and special in itself but there are a lot of similarities in the hairstyle and makeup of both the celebs. For these reasons, we feel that Natasha Stankovic has taken inspiration for her bridal look from PC’s wedding look.

Hair Style – Natasha Stankovic

The most similar look of Priyanka and Natasha is their hair style. Both of them sported an elegant bun with a center parting and left some hair open at the front to frame their faces. The only difference is that Priyanka sported a spiral texture and Natasha sported S-shape long wave hair.

Classic Matte Finish

Natasha Stankovic and Priyanka Chopra Wedding Beauty Looks

Keeping their look classic, both the brides opted for matte lips.

Monochrome Makeup

Berry Lush worked great on Priyanka’s dusky complexion and she carried it all over her lips, lids and cheeks. While Natasha also opted for peachy hue which was complementing her skin. The monochrome makeup look looked great on both the divas.

Invisible Eyeliner

Another aspect of the bridal look of both is the eyeliner. Priyanka and Natasha ditched the winged liner and opted for tight lined eyes. Tight lining is a technique where you apply eyeliner along your waterline to make your lashes look naturally fuller.

Natasha Stankovic and Priyanka Chopra: Whose look was better?

From our point of view, both Natasha and Priyanka looked fabulous on their D-day. If Natasha has taken inspiration from Priyanka for her bridal look, then we do not find anything wrong in it. PC’s wedding look has gone down in history and her look will never be forgotten.

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