New Moms Must Know These Breastfeeding Positions

New Moms Must Know These Breastfeeding Positions

If you are going to become a new mother, then before becoming a mother, you should know the important things about breastfeeding related to the health of your baby. The most important of these is to know about the breastfeeding positions, because it is very important to breastfeed the baby immediately after birth. Breast milk at that time is the most powerful and powerful for the child’s immunity. There are many good positions for breastfeeding. It is up to you to see which position is best for you and your baby. Know, which are the comfortable positions for you.

1. Cradle Hold

For this, you need to sit on a chair or bed with a pillow under the feet, so that you do not have to lean towards the child (Breastfeeding Positions). With your arm bent, hold the baby by the head and hold her in your lap, so that the baby’s forward body is at your side. If you are going to feed the baby with your right breast, then keep his head on your hand. You should support the baby from the spine, neck and bottom by keeping your arm bent and behind it. Now tilt the baby on your side and hold it tightly. This is the ideal position for a baby above 1 month.

2. Cross-cradle hold

This is the ideal position for young children, in which it is difficult to put the mother’s nipple in the mouth. This is different from the cradle hold. In this, your arm supports the baby’s head as compared to your bent arm. If you are going to feed your baby using your right breast, use your left arm and hand to hold the baby. Turn the newborn’s body so that the belly and chest are at your side. Now use your fingers and thumb on the back of the head, move the mouth towards the right nipple.

3. Side Lying Position

Side lying position on one side and feeding. If you are going to feed using your right breast, then lie on your right side with the support of your back. Lay the baby in front of you, with his chest and face facing you. In this, the child’s body should be supported with his left arm and the child’s head should be supported with the left hand. Now move the baby’s mouth to your breast. Many mothers do similar feedings when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

4. Football Hold

Hold your baby in your arms as if you were holding a football. Your baby’s position will be on one side of your hand, such that the baby’s nose is at the level of your nipple and the baby’s feet will be behind you. You can place a pillow behind you and place your hands on it. You can support the baby’s spine, neck, head and lower back with your hand. Women use this position to reduce stress on the abdomen.

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