Newborn Skin Peeling to Causes and Home Remedies

Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility for the parents. Parents are ready to do anything for their child. The smallest problem of

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Newborn Skin Peeling to Causes and Home Remedies

Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility for the parents. Parents are ready to do anything for their child. The smallest problem of the child becomes a matter of concern for them. After the birth of a newborn baby (Newborn Skin Peeling), he has to go through many physical changes, especially skin related problems.

Newborn baby’s skin is soft and sensitive, a few days after birth, their skin starts peeling like a scab. Now the question is, why does the skin of a newborn come out? What is the reason behind this? Is it a sign of some disease? Don’t worry, later we will talk about it in detail and also learn about the tricks to get the baby out of this trouble.

Before birth, the baby is safe in the mother’s womb, but as soon as it comes out, it has to deal with the temperature of the environment and other changes. At the same time, the soft skin of the baby gets the touch of everyone, through this touch the touch of various creams, lotions, perfumes, fragrances is known or unknowingly. As a result, the sensitive skin of the baby becomes prone to rashes, eczema, allergies etc.

Why do Newborn Babies Skin Peeling

You know that when the baby is in the mother’s womb, it is covered with many things. These covered things contain blood, amniotic fluid, vernix caseosa. Vernix caseosa protects the baby’s skin from amniotic fluid. After the birth of the baby, all these fluids are cleared from his body, but the vernix caseosa remains as a layer on the skin.

From a few weeks after birth, it starts coming out like a scab from the skin of the newborn. Babies who are born after the delivery date have more skin, and those who are premature have less, because they have less vernix caseosa on their skin. Usually this vernix protrudes more in the form of scabs from the hands and toes of the baby. While removing the crust from the skin, one thing should be kept in mind that do not make the mistake of rubbing it off.

There can be other reasons for baby’s skin, ignoring which for a long time can prove to be harmful for the baby’s skin. There is no need to be so scared when the skin comes out like a scab from the baby’s body, but there are some aspects which need a lot of attention.

Cradle Cap: In this disease, skin starts coming out from the inner parts of the baby’s thighs, underarms, neck, eyebrows, especially from the scalp of the head. It is also called seborrheic dermatitis. This is mainly due to the growth of fungus and yeast on the baby’s skin. It looks like a red patch or crust on the baby’s skin. No need to worry too much about this. This condition gradually becomes normal after giving medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

  • To remove the cradle cap, your baby will need to be shampooed and then gently washed. After that, it has to be patted and wiped. After drying, the layer has to be removed slowly with a children’s comb or hair brush. Apart from this, by applying olive oil or virgin coconut oil, the layer gets soaked and loosened, which makes it easier to remove.

Eczema: This is a type of skin infection, which occurs due to the reaction of the skin with viruses, dust, soap, powder, etc. If the skin is coming out like a scab, then the doctor should be seen immediately, so that the doctor can identify it. The skin on a baby’s face tends to be drier than other parts of the body. Therefore, it should not be too late to get it treated. The doctor’s medicine gives relief gradually.

  • Apart from the medicine, the baby should be bathed with lukewarm water and soap, patted and wiped. If the skin starts becoming dry and puffy, then use moisturizer or medicine prescribed by the doctor. Whenever you feed, gently clean the wound area in the baby’s cheek with cotton. Still, if the condition of the wound does not improve, then contact the doctor immediately.

Ichthyosis vulgaris: This is also a type of skin disease. This causes the skin layer to become thick and itchy. Although there is no exact treatment for this, so the condition is controlled by medicine.

You can also try some home tricks to protect the baby’s skin from skin infection.

  • Take a bath with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Pat dry after bath, never make the mistake of wiping by rubbing.
  • Always keep the wound moisturized by applying cream etc.
  • Use chemical free things.
  • Use a humidifier to keep the humidity in the room.

From the discussion so far, you must have understood that how many types of skin related infections and allergies can happen to the newborn baby and how to get relief from them.

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