How to Fix Old Dry Nail Polish DIY Tips

How to Fix Old Dry Nail Polish DIY Tips

How to Fix Old Dry Nail Polish: Women like to apply nail polish on their nails to make their hands look beautiful. Because of this, most people have different colors and shades of nail paints. In such a situation, a good stock of nail paints gets accumulated. Now some of this nail polish dries up and becomes old. So you must be throwing away such nail polish often. But did you know that dried nail polish can also be reused? Here we are going to tell you about this.

How to Fix Old Dry Nail Polish DIY Tips

It is very common for nail polish to become thick, dry after some time. But throwing them away as useless is unwise. If you want, you can correct this dried nail polish and use it again. For this, here we are telling you some very easy tips and tricks, by trying which you can re-apply your favorite old nail polish. So let’s know..

How to Fix Old Dry Nail Polish DIY Tips

Use Hot Water

To make dry nail paints like before, take some hot water in a pan. After that put dry nail polish in that hot water. Now after 20 minutes remove the nail paint from the pan. Then you will see that the nail paint will be the same as before. However, use lukewarm water while doing all this.

Keep Nail Polish in the Sun

If the nail polish is left in the open for a long time, it dries out or the nail polish becomes thick. If your nail polish has lumps, don’t throw it away. Leave the nail paint in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes. Keeping the nail polish in the sun melts the liquid of the nail paint. Then this nail polish can be used again.

Thinner can be used

Use thinner to set the nail paint. Add two to three drops of thinner to the nail polish. After this, stir the nail paint a little. Your nail polish will now look like new. Many women use remover to fix their dry nail paint. But, using remover in nail paint makes it worse.

Don’t Even Bother

Most women keep nail polish in the fridge. However, keeping nail polish in the fridge spoils and dries the nail paint. You can’t reuse it, so avoid keeping nail paint in the fridge and keep it on your dressing table.

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