You Can Also Try Paneer Barfi Recipe This Diwali

You Can Also Try Paneer Barfi Recipe This Diwali

Paneer Barfi Recipe: The festival of Diwali is just about to come and this time of the year is very exciting and happy. Everyone has a lot of work to do and because of this, no one gets the time to cook different delicious dishes. However, can Diwali be thought of without sweets? That’s why we have brought you an easy recipe of fast and quick paneer barfi.


– 2 cups paneer

– 1/4 cup milk powder

– 1/2 cup powdered sugar

– 3/4 cup ghee

– 1 1/2 cups cinnamon powder

– 8 to 10 chopped pistachios

– 8 to 10 chopped almonds

Paneer Barfi Recipe

– In a bowl, mix paneer, milk powder and sugar well.

– Take a pan and heat some ghee in it. Now add the mixture and keep stirring it on low flame till the ghee separates from it.

– Now turn off the gas and sprinkle some cardamom powder on it.

– Let it cool down and knead it well.

– Now take it out in a square plate and cut it into pieces.

– Now treat it with almonds and pistachios.

– Your Paneer Barfi is ready to serve.

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