Pawanmuktasana Benefits – How to do Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana benefits - How to do Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana Benefits – It is very important to get up early in the morning and exercise every day for a healthy and healthy life. However, due to the current corona, it becomes impossible for people to go out of the house and exercise in the gym or yoga center at the moment. In such a situation, you should do yoga at home itself. It is very important to do Yoga for a healthy life. Yoga not only improves your health but it also helps you to lose weight instantly, especially Pawanmuktasana. If you do Pawanmuktasana for 20 minutes daily, your weight will be reduced immediately. This asana is very good for your health. know Pawanmuktasana Benefits.

Yes, if you do Pawanmuktasana daily, it will help your lungs stay healthy. It also helps in controlling blood pressure. Pawanmuktasana helps to overcome problems related to constipation, abdominal pain. Pawan means wind and Muktasana means the state of liberation. Pawanmuktasana asana reduces gas problems and also improves stomach health. Since it removes gas from the body, it is also called Gas Releasing Yoga.

Pawanmuktasana Benefits

This asana puts stress on the stomach and helps in suppressing the stomach. In addition, belly fat is reduced. By doing this asana (Pawanmuktasana Benefits), the stomach becomes shapely, the spine becomes strong.

Pawanmuktasana benefits - How to do Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana is one such yogasana which cures stomach ailments by improving digestion.

With its practice, you can keep your lungs healthy and running smoothly.

This asana relieves constipation and heaviness of the stomach. Along with this, it also gets rid of the problem of gas formation. By doing this asana, poisonous gases come out from the stomach.

By accelerating the metabolism, it also reduces excess body fat.
It makes the spine strong and flexible.

How to do Pawanmuktasana

Step 1 – To do this asana, first of all go on the back and spread the arms and legs straight. Leave the body loose in this position.

Step 2 – Now while breathing slowly bend the knees and bring them to the chest with the help of hands.

Step 3 – After this, while lying down, raise your head and try to put your forehead on the knees.

Step 4 – If you want, one by one you can also put the knees on the forehead.

Step 5 – Try to stay for 20 seconds while putting the knee on the forehead.

Step 6 – Now slowly come back to the same position and lie down in the breathing position. You can do this asana 5-6 times.

This asana puts extra pressure on your stomach (Pawanmuktasana Benefits). This helps in weight loss. In the beginning, try to keep both hands and feet in the same line. In the meantime, there is a possibility of your balance getting disturbed. Take care of it. However, continue your breathing process during the asana. Pranayama is a breathing exercise.

Take These Precautions During Pawanmuktasana

If a person has recently had a stomach operation or any other kind of surgery, he should not try this asana without consulting himself. People who have severe neck or back pain should not do this asana. Pawanmuktasana should not be done immediately after eating. On the other hand, if someone has more pain in the knees, then avoid this asana.

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