Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla – Best Time To Visit Shimla

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla – Best Time To Visit Shimla

Best Places to Visit in Shimla: Shimla, popularly known as the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is said to be a tourist’s paradise. This hill station is full of cool valleys and beautiful views. Shimla is the most favorite place for every Indian to see the snowfall. The beauty of this place has always attracted people towards it. Tourists from far and wide do not take the name of leaving here early. The greenery here and the water flowing from the small lakes captivates the mind of the people.

Best Time To Visit Shimla

If you are going to visit Shimla and its nearby tourist places (Best Places to Visit in Shimla), then let us tell you that the best time to visit here is between November to March. There is a lot of snowfall here between December and February. By the way, even in the summer season, this place gives a feeling of coolness. That is why people also call Shimla as Evergreen Vacation Hill Station.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla

For both winter and summer vacation, there can be no better hill station than Shimla. If you want to enjoy the beautiful valleys with cool-icy winds, then you can plan to visit Shimla with your family, partner or friends. Here we are telling you about such beautiful places of Shimla, without going where your trip to Shimla will be incomplete. Let us know about the best tourist places of Shimla.

Mall Road Shimla

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla – Best Time To Visit Shimla

It is said that for every hill station, the mall road there is its life. It is the only place where tourists come to know about its culture, dress, art and food. If you have come to visit Mall Road in Shimla, then you will be surprised to see everything here.

Mall Road is one such place, which attracts the crowd of tourists who come to Shimla. Actually, Mall Road is located in the heart of Shimla, where many famous restaurants, clubs, banks, shops, post offices and tourist offices are located. Here you can see beautiful specimens of pine art and can also go shopping. Along with this, you can also see the natural beauty of Shimla from the road of Mall Road (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Jakhu Hill Temple Shimla

The highest peak of Shimla, which is called Jakhu Hill, also has a very famous Hanuman temple. From this temple one gets a panoramic view of the wonderful and snow-capped Himalaya Mountains of Shimla. Jakhu Temple is also a pilgrimage center and famous photo point for tourists. A huge idol of Hanuman ji in this temple attracts every Hanuman devotee towards it (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

It is a belief of this temple that Hanuman ji came here when Lakshman ji fainted during the battle of Lord Rama and Ravana and when Hanuman ji could not fulfill his promise to meet the sage Yaksha, Hanuman ji appeared to him and came here. His self-styled god was revealed. Then a temple was built here by the sage Yaksha.

Although the climb of this temple is a bit difficult due to the straight and steep, but after reaching here you will feel that you have never seen this beautiful place before. By the way, take special care that you reach here before the sun sets, otherwise you will miss a lot.

Kufri Shimla

kufri shimla

If you have gone to Shimla, then do not forget to go to Kufri at all, here you will get the views as well as a lot of snow. Kufri is situated at a distance of few kilometers from Shimla. It is considered to be the most beautiful hill station of Shimla. In the winter season, this place looks no less than a paradise. You can also fulfill the hobby of yak and horse riding by coming here. Not only this, a sports festival is also organized every year in Kufri, in which skiing enthusiasts enjoy the occasion fiercely (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Chadwick Falls Shimla

If you have come to visit Shimla in summer vacations, then you must definitely see the famous water fall here. This place is very visible during monsoon. The name of this waterfall is Chadwick because only sparrows can reach these waterfalls amidst the valley of Glen forest of Shimla and sparrow is also known as Chiraya. This waterfall fascinates the tourists. There is a crowd of tourists all the time around the waterfall surrounded by dense bushes (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Naarkanda Shimla

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla – Best Time To Visit Shimla

Narkanda, situated at a short distance from Shimla, is drenched in natural beauty. The snow-capped Himalaya Mountains look very attractive and enchanting from here. Here you will feel more refreshed. If you are planning to go to Shimla then do not forget to come here. Along with this, the training course of skiing is run by the Tourism Development Corporation every year during the month of January to March. If you want, you can enjoy both skiing and trekking here (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Adventure park in Shimla

The real fun of travel comes only in exploring new things and by coincidence, if adventure sports are present there, then the fun of traveling is doubled. If you like adventure then you can experience it in Shimla too. You can enjoy more than 50 adventure rides in Kufari Fun World located here. From trekking to go karting, everything is available here (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

The Ridge Shimla

The Ridge Shimla

The Ridge is a major tourist destination of Shimla as well as its lifeline. Actually, the water tanks of The Ridge supply water to the entire city. This water tank was built in the 1880s with lime mortar. This location is one of those famous places in Shimla, which you must have often seen in movies (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

You must remember that scene from the movie ‘3 Idiots’ when Rancho’s friends come to Shimla to find him. That scene was shot here. Sitting at this place, they have breakfast and ask for the address of Rancho’s house. Almost every tourist who came to visit Shimla does not forget to take a selfie or take a photo at this place.

Rashtrapati Niwas Shimla

Rashtrapati Niwas, also known as Vice regal Lodge. It was once the residence of the British Viceroy of India. After independence, Vice regal Lodge came under the possession of the Government of India. It was named Rashtrapati Niwas and became the summer residence of the President. At present it is open for tourists. Many films have also been shot here. This place is very good for photoshoot. Because the building was designed by British architect Henry Irwin and built in the Elizabethan style during the reign of Lord Dufferin (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Scandal Point Shimla

Scandal Point Shimla

This is the only place in Shimla where India’s first love scandal took place. Here a scandal point has also been made on the Mall Road in the name of this scandal. There is a story behind it. The experts there say that before independence, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had picked up the daughter of Viceroy Lord Curzon (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

He wanted to get her by any means. His daughter used to come for a walk on Mall Road in Shimla every evening. At that time there was a ban on the arrival of Indians on the Mall Road. Only British officers used to walk here with their families. The place from where the Maharaja raised the Viceroy’s daughter sitting on a horse has become a scandal point (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

Christ Church Shimla

The historic Christ Church situated on the ridge grounds of Hills Queen Shimla is called the crown of the capital. It is the second oldest church in northern India, whose beauty still captivates people. This church looks like a crown from a long distance. Every year lakhs of tourists coming to Shimla from abroad do not forget to visit this church. The tourists who come here also take photos in front of the church (Best Places to Visit in Shimla).

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