Postpartum Hair Loss Remedies – Tips to Reduce Hairfall after Delivery

Most women complain of hair fall after delivery. In some women it is less, while in some the hair starts falling very fast. This happens due to the low level of estrogen hormone in the woman’s body after delivery. But this problem can be controlled to some extent by taking proper care of the hair. This is the reason why in this article we will discuss in detail the problem of hairfall after delivery (Postpartum Hair Loss Remedies).

Is Hair loss Normal after Delivery?

Yes, it is normal for a mother to lose her hair after giving birth. According to a research, about 85 to 95 percent of women have to face this problem after delivery. This happens due to the fall in the level of hormones in the mother’s body. Not only this, there can be other reasons for hair fall in new moms like not consuming nutritious food by the mother, not getting enough sleep etc.

The good thing is that this problem will not always be there. If you take proper care of your hair, your hair will grow back as healthy and strong as before. Further in the article, we will know about how to take care of hair after delivery.

Postpartum Hair Loss Remedies – Tips to Reduce Hairfall after Delivery

After delivery, along with taking care of the baby, the mother also needs to take care of her health. Given below are some tips, which can be followed to reduce the problem of postpartum hairfall to some extent.

1. Avoid Tying Hair

As already mentioned in the article, the hair roots weaken due to the drop in hormones after delivery. In this case, avoid tying the hair tight. Doing this can increase the problem of hairfall.

2. Use Shampoo Made From Natural Ingredients

Do not make the mistake of using chemical-laden shampoos for hair. Your hair is already weak. Chemical-laden shampoos can do a lot of damage to them. Select for yourself a dermatologist tested herbal shampoo. This will help in giving your hair the necessary nourishment and making them healthy.

3. Stay Away from Stress

Do not take the stress of postpartum hair loss. After some time when the breast of hormones in the body will be normal, then the hair fall will automatically reduce. At the same time, taking stress can cause this problem to persist. Because, stress is one of the main causes of hair loss.

4. Take Care of Diet

After delivery, there is a lack of nutrients in the woman’s body. Its effect is also visible on his hair. In such a situation, they should take special care of food and drink. For example, during pregnancy, women are given vitamins, minerals, etc., whose effect is clearly visible on the hair and face. Similarly, even after delivery, the woman should consume nutritious things for healthy skin and hair along with good health.

5. Avoiding The Use of Heating Appliances

Avoid using heating appliances to make your hairstyle when you have a party at home or if you have to go out after the birth of your baby. Hair needs extra care at this time. In such a situation, the use of pressing machines, dryers, curling machines, etc. can cause heavy damage to the hair.

6. Avoid Frequent Combing

Some women have a habit of combing every two hours. If you are also one of them, avoid doing this. Because it can weaken the hair roots.

7. Hot Oil Massage is a Must

Use hot oil to keep hair healthy. In a research it is found that the scalp should be massaged by Luke warming the oil. This improves blood circulation in the scalp. Also, it strengthens the roots and can reduce hair fall to a great extent. Let us tell you, if the blood circulation on the scalp will be better, then the hair grows quickly.

How to use oil:

For new moms, the use of Natural Hair Strengthening Oil by ‘The Moms Co’ can be beneficial. It is an effective treatment for hair fall, split ends and dry hair and weak hair roots. Bhringraj oil, amla oil and coffee oil have been used to make it.

Amla oil nourishes and strengthens the hair roots. Bhringraj oil stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp and coffee oil stimulates hair follicles. The company claims that Natural Hair Strengthening Oil improves the tensile strength of hair by up to 77%. Also increases the weight of hair by 32% and can reduce the problem of hair breakage by 56%.

After reading this article (Postpartum Hair Loss Remedies), you must have understood that there is no need to worry about postpartum hair loss. This problem can be controlled by taking proper care of the hair. Also take care of the diet and do not forget to keep yourself stress free.

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