Postpartum Weight Loss Tips – Ways to Lose Weight after Delivery

Postpartum Weight Loss Tips - Ways to Lose Weight after Delivery

Women often worry about postpartum weight loss. They are strictly forbidden to exercise immediately after giving birth to a child. At the same time, along with taking care of the child, it becomes very difficult for them to find time for themselves. That is why in this article we will discuss about some easy and effective ways to lose weight after delivery.

Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

You no longer need to worry about the increased weight after delivery. Below we are giving some such tips, by following which you can reduce postpartum weight loss to a great extent.


1. Do not Make These Mistakes Regarding Food and Drink

Some women start skipping a mile a day in order to lose weight. But it can lead to weight gain rather than loss. This is because when the body feels hungry and you do not eat anything, the metabolism slows down. This can lead to weight gain rather than loss.

Instead of skipping meals, it would be better to consume nutrient-rich food and pay attention to the portion of food. Eating healthy does not mean at all that you consume it as much as you want. Eat small amounts of food every one hour throughout the day.


2. Say ‘No’ to Sugar and Carbs

New moms stay away from things containing sugar and refined carbs. After the birth of the child, the house is filled with sweets, chocolates etc. But you should keep a distance from all these. Also, avoid soda-rich drinks and oily and fried things. These things not only increase your weight. Rather, it also causes delay in post-delivery recovery.

After delivery, the mother’s body needs nutrients. Therefore, it would be better if you consume healthy things rich in nutrients containing vitamins, minerals and fiber.


3. Do not Refrain from Breastfeeding The Child

Many mothers are afraid to breastfeed their baby. They feel that this can harm their body. But, it is nothing like that. New moms shouldn’t have any hesitation in breastfeeding their babies. It is beneficial for both mother and child. On the one hand, it strengthens the immunity by fulfilling the deficiency of nutrients in the child. At the same time, it helps in reducing weight along with protecting mothers from many diseases.

4. Adequate Sleep Is Important

Do you know that our sleep also affects our weight. Yes, if our sleeping pattern is not correct, then it can knock many diseases along with weight gain. Therefore, if the new mom does not get enough sleep, then she may have to face a lot of problems in losing weight.


Actually, due to the frequent rise of the newly born baby in the night, the mother’s sleep is often not complete. But now you have to depend on the baby for your sleep. Whenever the child sleeps during the day, instead of being on the phone at that time, sleep with him.

5. Go for a Walk to Lose Weight After Delivery

Suppose the new mom is forbidden to exercise, but she can go for a walk every day for a while. After sitting inside the house and taking care of the child all day, going on a walk for mood change can prove to be a better remedy. This will help the mother to feel better and lose weight as well. The complaints of stiffness in the muscles can also be overcome by going for a walk regularly.

6. Postpartum Massage

A woman’s body becomes quite loose after delivery. For this, getting postpartum massage can be beneficial. It helps in getting the body in shape with the quick recovery of the new mom. Keep in mind that if there is a normal delivery, then you can start getting massage after a week. On the other hand, women having caesarean delivery should not get massage until the wound is completely healed.

Talking about oil for massage, then the use of Natural Anti Cellulite Toning Body Oil produced by ‘The Moms Co’ can be beneficial. This oil absorbs easily into the skin and enhances the absorption of collagen while breaking down stubborn cellulite. Also improves blood circulation.

This oil has been specially formulated to tighten and tone the loose skin of the abdomen after delivery. Coffee, turmeric and ginger oil have been used to make it.

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Do not Make These Mistakes to Lose Weight after Delivery

New moms for postpartum weight loss don’t make the below-mentioned mistakes, otherwise many other problems may arise for the mother and the baby.

  • Do not rush to start exercising to lose weight after delivery. This time is very serious for a woman. The doctors ask for a healthy diet along with complete rest for the recovery of the new mom. So, take rest for a few weeks after giving birth and start exercising only after consulting a doctor.
  • Some women resort to crash diets to lose weight after delivery. This affects the breast milk, due to which the baby does not get enough milk. Let us tell you, mother’s milk is the only source of nutrition for the child. In such a situation, so that the child can get enough nutrition, crash diet is not the right way for the new mom to lose weight.

Hope the tips given in the article will help in reducing the weight gain after delivery. If you have any new moms in your friend circle, do share this article with them.

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