How to Prevent Water Retention in The Body

How to Prevent Water Retention in The Body

Feeling bloated during summers is a very common problem. Actually, water retention in your body occurs when your body has more water than it needs. Our body consists of 55% to 60% water. However, sometimes swelling can occur in other parts of your body due to excess water. Such as feet, hands, eyes etc. Usually, during pregnancy or menstruation, the problem of water retention occurs in more women. Apart from this, water retention in the body can also occur due to excessive salt, less active lifestyle, consumption of poor diet. However, getting rid of water retention is not an impossible task. Because of this, we are here to tell you 5 ways, with the help of which you can avoid water retention (how to prevent water retention in the body).

Say No to Salty

When the amount of sodium in your body is high, it causes more water to accumulate in your body because salt has the ability to absorb water and because of this more water gets stored in your body parts and you get bloated. begins to feel. In such a situation, it is important to reduce the intake of salt and because of this you should avoid the consumption of fries, chips and other snacks.

Drink More Water

A dehydrated body is also prone to water retention (how to avoid water retention in body). If there is a lack of water in your body, then some parts of your body may swell because they store more water. Because of this it is important that you drink more and more water. Usually, it is enough for an adult to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Also, drinking water flushes out toxins from your body as well as extra salts.

Keep Yourself Active

One of the major reasons for water retention is our lifestyle. Whenever we move our body or keep ourselves active, the water level remains in our body. For this reason, you must involve yourself in physical activity. Also, doing some stretching daily also helps you in this. Apart from this, if you take the help of stairs instead of elevator, then the problem of water retention is less.

Potassium is necessary to maintain water level.

Potatoes, bananas, lentils, spinach, oranges and dry fruits are excellent sources of potassium. Because of this, if the level of potassium and sodium in your body is not right, then there may be a problem of water retention in your body. For this reason, you should include foods rich in potassium in your diet.

Improve your Diet

Water retention is also a problem due to poor and unhealthy diet. For this reason it is important that you improve your daily diet. Cut processed foods from your diet as they contain a lot of sugar and salt. Also, start eating fiber-rich food such as carrots, avocados, apples, etc. By eating this type of food, more salt present in your body comes out and your body remains bloat free.

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