Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Rangoli Tricks and Tips: As much as light is important on Diwali, it is equally important to decorate the house by making Rangoli. In Hindu religion, making Rangoli on the courtyard or door is considered very auspicious and it is seen as associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house. At the same time, its importance increases even more on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali. It is said that Rangoli made with different colors and flowers infuses positive energy in your home and the surrounding environment, which makes the mind happy and the atmosphere very positive. It also affects the happiness and prosperity of your home and your health. This is the reason why people decorate their courtyard or door with Rangoli every year on the festival of Deepawali (Happy Diwali).

Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Although some people have this problem while making Rangoli that they do not understand the designs of Rangoli and if they understand the design, then it becomes difficult to make it. Due to which they take a lot of time to make Rangoli and sometimes the design is different from what is thought. On the other hand, if you are new to making Rangoli, then these problems can bother you more. But it is festival time and in such a situation, remove the tension and follow some tricks and tips to make Rangoli. Here we have brought for you, some such tips by which you can easily make Rangoli (Rangoli tricks and tips). So let’s know.

Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Always Choose the Design First

The first rule of making Rangoli is that you should choose the design in advance, so that you will be able to choose the color and size accordingly. If you are going to make Rangoli for the first time then choose the right and easy Rangoli design. Especially choose a design in which coloring is very easy.

First Draw Rangoli with chalk

If you are completely new in making Rangoli or if your Rangoli is not made properly, then first draw the design with the help of chalk. Doing this will make the lines very precise and you can even color directly into them.

Keep Color Harmony

After the design of Rangoli, its color attracts you. That is why after choosing the design, make sure to choose the right colors. Choose colors that harmonize well with each other and attract from afar.

Make the exact center of Rangoli like this

It is always more difficult to make a center in Rangoli. For this you can make a center with the help of sieve of flour. Prepare a beautiful center by adding any color of your choice in this sieve.

Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Use paper cone instead of direct coloring

Most of the people fill colors in Rangoli designs by hand. But in such a situation, the color spreads many times. To avoid this, you can fill in the color using a paper cone. By doing this the color will fill evenly in one place and will not spread.

Use a fork, spoon, toothpick or comb

To give special effect in Rangoli, you can give special effect to it with fork, spoon, comb or toothpick. For this make a round Rangoli. Fill this circle with many colors giving it a circular shape. Now give the design on it with the help of a comb or fork. Not only this, even with a comb, you can make a different design on the round circle.

Easy to make flower Rangoli

Marigold, Rose and Bella, these three flowers, you can prepare Rangoli of your favorite design. If you want, you can make any shape of these flowers or make your favorite design by giving round or square shape to the flowers.

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