How to Get rid of Rashes after Threading

How to Get rid of Rashes after Threading

Threading: If you want to look beautiful, you have to keep your eyebrow shape right. Eyebrows must be done once every 15 days. Although some women refrain from doing it for several months. You all know that a perfect eyebrow can completely change the face. Good sized eyebrows are successful in giving a different look to the face. Many people have more pain while getting their eyebrows done, and the skin near their eyebrows gets red-red rashes and is very burning.

How to Get rid of Rashes after Threading

On the other hand, after getting eyebrows made for sensitive skin, acne type also occurs in the surrounding area, which hurts a lot. If this happens to you too, learn what you can do to avoid acne or any other skin problem after getting your eyebrows done. Here we are telling you some such simple home remedies that will help you get rid of the skin problem after getting eyebrows done.

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Massage with ice cubes

After getting eyebrows made, if your skin is getting very irritated and acne is seen coming out, then immediately massage the eyebrows with ice cubes, this is the best use. This will soothe your skin and reduce irritation.

Add raw milk

The protein present in milk helps in reducing the burning, redness and swelling that occurs after threading. For this, you can take raw milk or you can also take cold milk. Dip cotton in it and apply it on the affected area.

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Bake with a Hot towel

If you are going to have threading, then before that, bake the skin of your eyebrows with a hot towel. By doing this, the pain during threading will be reduced and there will be no swelling or redness later.

Aloe Vera gel will work

If you are troubled by acne, redness and irritation after getting your eyebrows done, then apply aloe Vera gel. This will soften your skin and also help you get rid of small pimples and irritation that appear after threading.

Can also apply toner

The toner has a cooling effect that provides relief from irritation caused by threading. It also reduces swelling. Take a toner in a cotton. Apply it on the affected area. Toner closes the pores of the skin that get opened up after you thread.

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Keep in mind – If you are thinking of bleaching after eyebrows, then avoid doing so. Because it will irritate your skin. Breakouts can happen and can be very painful. The skin becomes very delicate after threading and can cause further irritation if you apply bleach afterwards.

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