Raw Milk is Mira Rajput Trusted Skincare Ingredient for Sunburns

Raw Milk is Mira Rajput's Trusted Skincare Ingredient for Sunburns

Mira Rajput recently returned from a holiday in Maldives with husband Shahid Kapoor and kids Zain and Misha. The pictures of both of them were also becoming quite viral on social media and due to their pictures, Mira and Shahid were also in the headlines. The pictures of both were no less than a treat for the fans.

Now back to Mumbai, Mira Kapoor is once again doing what she does very well and this is sharing her skincare routine. If you follow Mira Rajput regularly then you would know that Mira Kapoor keeps sharing her little skin and health secrets on Instagram posts and stories.

Tried by Mira Rajput – Raw Milk

Recently, Mira Kapoor shared a picture of a bowl of raw milk in her Instagram story. In its caption, he wrote, Nothing can be better than raw milk for skin burns during holidays.

How Raw Milk Helps to Get rid of Sunburn

Milk contains lactic acid, which helps exfoliate the sunburned area and reduces inflammation while sloughing off dead skin. Also, cold raw milk soothes sunburns. It removes the heat from your skin and gives you a cooling effect. Vitamins A and D present in raw milk also help to heal the skin.

Raw Milk Must Be Included in Your Beauty Routine

Raw Milk is Mira Rajput's Trusted Skincare Ingredient for Sunburns

Raw Milk for Face Cleansing

Raw milk contains vitamins A, D, E and K, which are very good exfoliating agents. You can also use it as a face cleaner. For this, soak a piece of cotton in raw milk and clean your face and throat with it. After that let it dry and wash the face with normal water. This will give you soft and smooth skin.

Raw Milk for Aging Skin

As we age, our skin also starts aging. With time, the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation start appearing on our skin. An easy way to reduce them is to regularly apply raw milk on the face. Raw milk contains vitamins A and B, which fight the signs of aging.

Raw Milk for Skin Glow

For this, take raw milk and honey in a bowl and mix it well. Apply this mask on your face and neck. Now let the pack dry and then wash your face with normal water. Raw milk boosts collagen, which gives your skin a natural glow. Whereas honey moisturizes your skin.

Coming back to Mira’s skincare secret, let us tell you that all these secrets of her are very effective. However, before trying these home remedies of hers, do a patch test once and then use it on your face so that you do not have any skin problems later.

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