How to Recreate Sunburn Makeup look

How to Recreate Sunburn Makeup look

Have you ever noticed how there are some Instagram influencers whose cheeks look red and beautiful? His glow is very natural and it looks like he has just come out of a blaze and because of this his cheeks look pinkish and red-reddish. So if you also want to create a similar look, sun-kissed effortless look, then you can also try or recreate this (Sunburn Makeup) look.

How to Create Sunburn Blush

How to Recreate Sunburn Makeup look

In the sunburned blush trend, blush is generally applied to your cheekbones and nose and it makes your face look flushed. There is a trick to applying it and all you have to do is to apply the blush in a precise way on your nose bridge and on the cheekbone in a W shape. To get this look, you should apply blush slowly from the right corner towards the nose and then from the corner on the left cheek.

If you want the blush to stay on your face for a long time, then always use powder blush or liquid blush so that it lasts longer. Due to this, your sunburned blush lasts longer and at the same time it looks deeper in color. If you want, you can use coral or orange eyeshadow for this look.

If you want it to look more natural, then blend the blush well. Also, you should apply blush on such parts of your face where sun rays fall naturally.

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