How to Reduce Excess Spice from Food

How to Reduce Excess Spice from Food

Everyone likes a little chili in food or vegetables, but more spicy food removes smoke from the ear. Many times it happens that the amount of chilies in vegetables is high while making vegetables. In such a situation, the whole taste of food is spoiled, which people do not like to eat. At the same time, people also add red chili in large quantities to vegetables to get red color. In such a situation, the color comes but the taste becomes very spicy, which becomes difficult to eat. In such a situation, if you want to reduce the sharpness of vegetables, then here are some tips, using which you can reduce the sharpness and extra spice of vegetables. know How to Reduce Excess Spice from Food.

How to Reduce Excess Spice from Food

Generally, the problem of excessive chili in the food can be in the kitchen of any home. That’s why you must know these tips. So let’s know the ways with the help of which you can reduce the excessive sharpness of vegetables or food.

How to Reduce Excess Spice from Food

Cream or Malai

If you have accidentally added too much chili to the vegetable, you can add cream to reduce its bitterness. Add cream to the vegetables and cook on low heat. By doing this the spiciness of the vegetable will be reduced and the taste of the vegetable will increase.

Use Flour

If there is more chili in the vegetable, then flour can also be used. For this, add a little flour in a spoonful of oil and fry it lightly. Now add it to the chili vegetable. This will thicken the gravy of the vegetable and reduce the spiciness. Isn’t it a wonderful idea!

Butter or Desi Ghee

If the chili has become hot in lentils, vegetables or khichdi etc., then to reduce it, you heat butter or desi ghee over it and put it. By doing this the pungency of the food will be reduced and the taste will also increase.

Use Honey or Sugar

You can use honey and sugar to reduce the bitterness and spice of vegetables. To do this, add some sugar or honey to the vegetables. But keep in mind that the use of honey or sugar should be kept to a minimum.

Tomato is also Effective

To reduce the bitterness in vegetables, you can add chopped tomatoes. But before adding tomato puree to the vegetable, cook it well in a pan, so that the taste of raw tomatoes does not come in the food.

Lemon juice

If the vegetable is more spicy then you can use lemon juice in it. Using it in vegetables will enhance the taste and reduce the pungency. For this, heat the vegetable in a pan and then pour lemon juice over it.

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