Take Care Of These Things During Religious Trip And Travelling

Take Care Of These Things During Religious Trip And Travelling

Religious Trip And Travelling: Religion and faith are an integral part of India’s culture. Every day, there are occasions of fasting, festivals etc., and one form of this is religious tours. The Indian public has so much faith in these journeys that their faith till attainment of salvation is associated with these journeys, so the importance of these religious journeys is very high and all people at least once in their life go on some religious journey. just want to go Some people do these trips with their family, friends, relatives or acquaintances, while some people go on the journey alone. The purpose is the same, to give peace of mind and a newness to the body with faithful faith.

Take Care Of These Things During Religious Trip And Traveling

Now in such a situation, when you have also decided to go on a similar religious journey, then we are trying to give you information about some such things here, which will be useful for you at every step in such a journey. (Religious Trip And Travelling)

Take Care Of These Things During Religious Trip And Travelling

Do planning before traveling

Whether you are going on this religious journey alone or with your family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, the very first thing you have to do is to do complete planning of your journey by sitting with everyone, like how many people are going to go, Where is the planning of travel, going to a pilgrimage site or will also go to the places around it, etc. Along with this, keep a minute to minute program in your planning, that is, at what time where everyone has to gather, who will have all the information of the group, who is going to lead the team etc.

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Get the complete information about the weather first

First of all, do not forget to get accurate information about the weather of the place where you have planned your trip. It is worth noting that most of such pilgrimage places, where the Indian public travels, are located in hilly places, such as Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamanotri, Maa Vaishno Devi, Amarnath Dham etc. In these places, however, the weather changes very rapidly at any time and there is always the possibility of bad weather. Nevertheless, many unpleasant situations can be avoided if precautions are taken in advance. Completely avoid any mountain trip during the rainy season.

Ensure transportation and hotel booking

Before starting the journey, arrange for the necessary transport and their tickets etc. to go to that place. Whether you are going by bus, train or plane. It is not necessary that their confirmed tickets are also easily available according to your travel dates. So in such a situation, if you get all your tickets confirmed in advance, then you can avoid a lot of trouble. The same applies to matters relating to further conventions as well. For where you are going to stay at that pilgrimage place, do not forget to book in advance at the nearest hotel, guest house or Dharamsala etc. This is also necessary because most of the Indian pilgrimage sites are often crowded. In such a situation, if you have not made these necessary arrangements, then you may get into trouble and if you have already made arrangements for your or your group’s stay, then you can feel relieved mentally. Yes, don’t forget to contact the place a day before your departure and even before you arrive. This little precaution will work as a big relief. (Religious Trip And Travelling)

Make sure to register

There is proper registration at all pilgrimage sites nowadays, so whether you are traveling alone or with a group, don’t forget to register.

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Don’t forget to download the required app

Apps related to that pilgrimage are also available in most places now. So, before starting the journey, download that app on your phone and be alert to the instructions on the information given on it.

Avoid taking small children along

One important precaution is to avoid taking very young children on these trips. The safety of children during travel or in any emergency becomes very difficult.

Make a knowledgeable person the team leader

Since we usually see that on long religious tours, people mostly prefer to go in groups, then it would be better to give the responsibility of leading the group to a knowledgeable person who knows about this or the journey. Have experience He should have all the necessary information of the people associated with the group, such as who to contact related to that person in case of any emergency, complete address of all, necessary phone numbers, information of family members, document related information. (Religious Trip And Travelling)

Follow the instructions of the team leader

One thing that is very important to be sure that when you go on a religious pilgrimage with the group, then whoever is leading the team, follow the rules and instructions made by him completely. Do not let any kind of important emotion come in the way of it. These rules and instructions have been made keeping in mind your convenience and safety.

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Carry ID card

Always carry an ID card with you. You can also do this by writing down your full name, address, phone number, emergency phone number, family member’s name, blood group, etc. on a piece of paper, laminated and kept with you. If traveling in a group, all the members should carry the same identity card individually. If you are leading the group, that is, you have the responsibility of leading the group, then keep photocopies of all important documents with you.

Stay with the group

While traveling in a group, make a daily routine in advance and follow it thoroughly. When traveling in a group, stay with your group and do not move around, leave the team and run back and forth. Due to this there is also a fear of the members of the group wandering, as well as due to this, the rest of the members of the group may also get into trouble.

Take care of others’ time

Don’t stop too often to take photos or go shopping, etc. This causes problems for the rest of the members. It is better to choose a time and place together to do this collectively. Wherever you want to arrive or assemble, be punctual in the pre-determined times. This will save you as well as the time of others.

Carry only the essentials

Include only essential items in your travel baggage. The less and lighter your luggage is, the more comfort and relief you will feel while traveling. As you know that most of the pilgrimage places for long journeys are located in hilly places and the weather suddenly turns cold on the mountains, so don’t forget to keep some warm clothes along with your other clothes.

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Clothes and shoes should be comfortable

It is very important to be comfortable in the clothes you wear while traveling. At the same time, they should also be such that even if they get wet, they dry quickly, like nylon etc. It is very important to have comfortable footwear, otherwise you will not be able to walk very far with tired feet. It would be better to wear only light sports shoes during this time. There is no better option than this in hilly or long distance travel. (Religious Trip And Travelling)

Take Care Of These Things During Religious Trip And Travelling

Don’t forget essential medicines and safety kits

When packing your luggage, keep some other things along with clothes, such as your regular medicines, if you are taking any, as well as some emergency medicines, one or two pairs of nylon clothes, umbrella, Torch, small knife, small rope, raincoat, some dry food items like biscuits, snacks etc., drinking water, glucose and some loose money etc. There is often a lack of oxygen at high altitude. In such a situation, if you have any respiratory problem, do not forget to keep the necessary medicines and equipment with you. An emergency kit is a must have with everyone. Don’t hand it over to anyone.

keep food simple

During the journey, instead of eating heavy or overeating, keep food and drink light. These will not cause problems while walking and your digestion will also remain fine. Drink drinking water only. If possible try to drink lukewarm water. This will help protect you from seasonal diseases.

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Take a Hot bath

Even if you keep the bath water warm, then its biggest benefit will be that you will be saved from travel fatigue, muscle pain and the effects of sudden changing weather.

Take the path carefully

Whether you are traveling on foot or by car, caution is essential in every aspect. Drive only as far as instructed by the security forces. Do not insist on taking the car ahead of him. Safety and vigilance are essential at every step, even if you are walking.

Avoid carrying valuables

Avoid carrying or wearing expensive jewelry or accessories during travel. Also do not carry too much cash. Take care of the safety of your belongings and avoid excessive mingling with completely strangers.

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keep in touch with family

If traveling alone, keep in touch with your family as far as possible. Keep informing them about your position and the place you are in every once in a while.

Don’t go too close to the river

Completely avoid going over the banks of the river, near a large pile of snow, or near a glacier. Due to their precarious position, doing so is not free from danger. Even if you are doing this just for taking photos. (Religious Trip And Travelling)

Avoid night halt at main temples

Avoid staying overnight after visiting temples. Stay overnight in your designated guest house or hotel, etc., as the weather in the mountains changes rapidly at night and there may be security issues at outdoor locations. Instead of doing the hill trip at night, try to start early in the morning and reach your destination early in the night.

Always Avoid the Rush

It is natural for religious places to be crowded or long lines. Maintain restraint and rules in such places. Don’t be hasty or hasty at all. This will cause other people to do the same and chaos will spread.

Do not go Against the Restrictions of the security forces

Follow the restrictions and rules imposed by the security forces at the shrines completely. Don’t ignore them at all.

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Be Patient in an Emergency

In case of any emergency don’t lose patience and first reach the nearest safe place or contact the security forces or administrative support center. Do not insist on completing the journey if the situation worsens, but return to safe places and help the security forces to handle the situation. (Religious Trip And Travelling).

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