How to Remove Stretch Marks

How to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks look very ugly on our skin. Stretch marks often occur in the body after pregnancy or after weight loss. These marks usually appear on the stomach, waist, breast, thigh or hands. Because of these, many times we are not able to wear clothes of our choice and keep the stretch marks area covered. Many types of oils and creams available in the market claim to remove stretch marks from the root, but this is not the case. That’s why we have brought for you some such home remedies, with the help of which you can get rid of stretch marks forever in no time.

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Remedy 1- Vitamin E Oil, Castor Oil

For this, mix 1/4 teaspoon of castor oil in the oil of 2 vitamin E capsules in a bowl. Now apply this mixture on the affected area and massage it for one to two minutes. Do this before sleeping at night or after taking bath in the morning. Massage it till it is well absorbed into the skin and then leave it like that (How to Remove Stretch Marks). You will start seeing the effect of this remedy in one and a half to two months.

Remedy 2- Aloe Vera Gel and Almond oil

Add a few drops of almond oil to a teaspoon of aloe Vera gel and mix it well. Now apply this mixture on the stretch marks area. Keep in mind that you can increase the amount of this mixture according to your stretch marks. By doing this daily, you will get freedom from stretch marks within a month.

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Remedy 3- Sugar, lemon and Almond oil

In a bowl, mix one teaspoon of sugar, the juice of half a lemon and a few drops of almond oil. Mix it until the sugar dissolves well. If the quantity of sugar seems excessive, then the quantity of lemon juice can also be increased. Now apply it on the stretch marks affected area and massage it well for 5 to 10 minutes. After that clean it with water.

Remedy 4- Aloe Vera gel and coconut oil

To make this mixture, it would be better to use aloe Vera leaves at home instead of aloe Vera gel available in the market. Because it is completely natural, so it affects the skin quickly. Take a small amount of the gel from the leaves. Now put it in a steel pan and pour enough coconut oil in it that the gel gets immersed in it. Now cook it on the gas till the gel turns black. After this, filter it in a vial or vessel. Your oil is ready. Apply it on the stretch marks area and get rid of stretch marks in few days.

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