While Removing Blackheads Avoid These Mistakes

While Removing Blackheads Avoid These Mistakes

There are many ways to make your face look good. Sometimes to reduce the dryness of the skin, sometimes to improve the face and sometimes to reduce the acne on the skin, we go to the parlor and use various DIY home remedies at home. Sometimes dark spots on the face become a hindrance in your beauty and sometimes due to blackheads, the face starts looking bad. But there are solutions to all these problems. Increasing pollution, various types of stress, rapid changes in lifestyle also affect our skin and cause problems like acne, scars, blackheads on the head. Removing blackheads from the face is a huge task. Nowadays we can do it easily at home also.

While Removing Blackheads Avoid These Mistakes

Blackheads are the dirt that accumulates on the skin of the face and takes the form of blackheads. These blackheads usually appear on the nose, forehead, lower part of the lips, cheeks. If it is not removed in time, then its size increases and after removal it seems that there has been a hole in it, even blood starts coming from them. If the amount of these blackheads is high, then the whole face will start looking unsightly. Therefore it is necessary to remove it properly from time to time. So let’s know what mistakes should be avoided while removing blackheads.

While Removing Blackheads Avoid These Mistakes

Remove Blackheads from Nails

Sometimes we use nails to remove blackheads. We think that pressing with nails will remove these blackheads and we try to do so. However, doing so often makes blackheads even deeper and more stubborn. So if you try to remove them with your nails, it can cause skin irritation. If you see blackheads on your face, then you will not live and you start removing it with your nails, but this method can cause blemishes on your face. Because this stain stays for a long time, it is not advisable to remove blackheads from your nails this way.

Use A Safety Pin or Razor

Many times people use razor or pin to remove blackheads. But this is a very wrong approach. Doing so peels the skin. The skin of the face is very delicate, so no such experiment should be done. If hygiene is not followed during this time then it can also have harmful effects on the skin. Also, some people use safety pins to remove blackheads. Doing such home remedies is risk for the skin. In such a situation, if you have a lot of blackheads, then take the help of a beauty expert. Also, do not remove all the blackheads on the face at once, because there is a risk of rashes and irritation on the face.

Wrong Use of Blackheads Remover

It is always beneficial to remove acne with blackhead remover. You will find many types of metal removers in the market. But once the blackheads are removed, the remover is kept as it is and used again, which can lead to skin problems. Doing so can cause pimples or other problems on the face. Therefore, after using metal blackhead remover, it should be cleaned with cotton or lukewarm water and dried. So that there is no dirt left on the metal remover.

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Scrubbing Too Much

Some people do so much scrubbing due to which they start getting blackheads on their face. They think that scrubbing with a scrubber will get them rid of blackheads. But this doesn’t happen. Since blackheads have penetrated deep into the skin, they cannot be removed with just scrubbing. At the same time, excessive scrubbing increases the risk of rashes and dry skin on the skin. So it’s okay to scrub lightly for a few minutes once a day. But if it is done continuously then it can cause trouble and blackheads do not go away.

Remove Blackheads from Oily Skin

Oily skin is more prone to blackheads than dry skin. Due to being oily on the face, the dirt sticks very much on the face. Also, on oily skin, excess sebum pores get easily accumulated, which leads to blackheads. Therefore, it is beneficial to wash your face before removing blackheads. Also, if the skin is very dry, it is beneficial to remove blackheads by applying a little moisturizer first.

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