What is Reverse Makeup Trend Know How to do this

What is Reverse Makeup Trend Know How to do this

Makeup means experimenting with your looks and trying out different looks. Makeup trends come and go but some of these looks last a long time. Meanwhile, recently reverse makeup trend is becoming very popular and is making its own place in the beauty market.

If you also use social media then you must have seen many Instagram tutorials but have you tried it? After all, what exactly is the reverse makeup trend and how does it work? So here know all the important things related to reverse makeup trend and how to do it.

What is Reverse Makeup Trend

If you are familiar with the basics of makeup, then you would know that it consists of applying makeup base, foundation and BB cream first and then contour, blush and highlighting.

But as the name suggests, the reverse makeup trend is just the opposite. For this, you have to do contour, highlight and blush first and then you have to apply foundation, cream or translucent powder.

Who Should Try the Reverse Makeup Trend?

Usually when we do contour, blush and highlight we start with the makeup base. But when you follow the reverse makeup trend, you get a more natural look which makes your makeup look more flawless.

So if you also want a no makeup look with makeup then you can try the reverse makeup trend.

Get this Reverse Makeup Look

Step 1 – First apply setting spray. No matter what makeup trend you try, never miss the first step. Spray a little on your face, this will make the makeup last longer.

Step 2 – Using primer is very important. This smooths out your face and makes it easy to follow other steps. By applying primer, you get a smooth canvas on which you can easily use other makeup products and also it lasts longer.

Step 3 – Apply contour, blush and highlighter to your face. Now replace foundation with contour stick and palette and start contouring. After that apply blush and highlighter on it. You must have seen many social media influencers that they use stick formula for this trend and the reason is that it gets more blended.

Step 4 – Now apply BB cream or foundation on your face. Apply BB cream and foundation on your face and blend it well.

Step 5 – Set with loose powder. After applying foundation, it is important that you set your makeup with loose powder or translucent powder. Natural look, healthy glow makeup is what we all want and reverse makeup trends can give you such a look. However, for this use only those products that match your skin so that you get a more flawless and natural look.

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