Rocketry The Nambi Movie Download in Filmyzilla and Review

Rocketry The Nambi Movie Download in Filmyzilla and Review

Rocketry The Nambi Movie Download 2022: R Madhavan took on excessive responsibilities in the film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’. He is also the producer, he is also directing, he has also written the story-screenplay-dialogues and has also played the lead role in the film. This load is visible in the film. As an actor, he impresses, but a good writer and director could have done wonders on the subject. As the name of the film suggests, this movie is a biographical drama film based on Nambi Narayanan. Nambi Narayanan is a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organization.

This is the story of a man who made an unforgettable contribution in the field of science for the country, but later he was accused of betraying the country. The matter reached the court. There was misbehavior with the family. However, later Nambi Narayanan was found innocent by the court and he was also given Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. The film depicts how a simple man is harassed and tortured by some people and tries to break him.

Rocketry The Nambi Movie Download in Filmyzilla and Review

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is divided into two parts. The first part of the interval focuses on Nambi’s intelligence and achievements and how he climbed the ladder of success step by step. After the interval, it is shown that there is a conspiracy with Nambi and how his family gets into trouble. As soon as the charge of ‘traitor’ is made, people who join hands start pelting stones at them.

Usually, what is difficult to understand, we say that it is rocket science. This also applies to the first part of the film. Suppose the film is about a scientist who is working on rocket technology, but so many technical words have been used as if we are attending a physics lecture. The talks of Nambi and his partner mostly go over the heads of the audience. Can’t understand what project Nambi and his companions are working on? What are they making? What will be the benefit out of this? It would have been better if these things were explained in a very simple way so that the audience would understand everything.

Rocketry movie download in Hindi filmywap 720p

It is understood that Nambi had turned down the offer of NASA. He was an expert in ‘liquid propulsion’. He took Viking engine technology from France and in return 52 Indian scientists worked in France. Nambi had taken a plant worth billions of rupees from the CEO of Rolls Royce for free. On the strength of diplomacy, some engines from Russia came to India from under the nose of the Americans. Some of these episodes are fine, but most are too technical.

Rocketry Movie Trailer

Rocketry Movie Release Date and Time

Available On Theater
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Released Date 1 July 2022
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Country India

Rocketry Movie Cast

Movie Rocketry
Artists R. Madhavan | Simran
Director Raj Acharya
Movie Type Action, Thriller, Drama

Rocketry movie download in Hindi mp4moviez

When Nambi is accused of treason, things are not clear here too. Whose conspiracy is this? Why and how did all this happen all of a sudden? Why was Nambi later convicted? There are no complete answers to these questions. Here the whole focus was on how badly Nambi and his family were treated. Many things remain unclear in the film. The writers of the film were not able to put things in the right way and explain.

R Madhavan does not leave a mark as a director. He has adopted a traditional way of telling the story. Few family scenes, jokes of friends and mention of Nambi’s achievements in between. Light-hearted scenes are ineffective. These are kept for fun, but they don’t look amusing. The historical achievement of Nambi Narayan and his passion has not been presented in the film in such a way that the audience is shaken.

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R Madhavan has played the role of Nambi Narayanan well. Although his weight has increased a lot, but the demand for this role is not physical fitness. Simran as Meena, Sam Mohan as Unni impress. Rajat Kapoor’s wig looked very strange. Other actors have also given good support. Shahrukh Khan has been splendid in guest appearances.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect‘ gives information about a man whom not many people know about, but a good director could have told this point even better.

Rocketry The Nambi Movie download in Hindi 720p

  • Director: R Madhavan
  • Music: Sam CS
  • Cast: R Madhavan, Simran, Rajat Kapoor, Sam Mohan, Shah Rukh Khan (Guest Appearance)
  • UA * 2 hours 37 minutes 20 seconds
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Amazon Prime Video

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