Self Care Practice for First Time Moms

Self Care Practice for First Time Moms

During pregnancy, a woman takes full care of herself. Even the whole family is involved in the care of the pregnant. On the other hand, when a child is born, the attention of the family members including the mother goes towards the child. Everyone gets involved in the care of the baby, which is also a good thing. But along with the baby, the new mom also needs care. Especially women who have become mothers for the first time, they should take special care of themselves. In this article, we will learn about self care tips for first time moms.

Self Care Practice for First Time Moms

Women who become Moms for the first time start worrying about the smallest problem of the child. They get so busy in taking care of the child that they do not have time for themselves. They need to understand that this is a time in which they also need full care. This is the reason why we are giving some such tips below, which will also help the new mom to take care of herself.

1. Take Care of your Sleep too

After the birth of the child, the biggest problem for the mother is the lack of sleep. For new moms, getting sleep is no less than a task. Between the physical changes, baby care, household chores and the hospitality of the guests, the sleep of the new mom seems to be eclipsed. At the same time, even the night does not remain its own. Baby has to be fed by waking up at night.

Due to lack of sleep, the behavior of new moms becomes irritable. Some new moms become victims of insomnia and stress. In such a situation, through the following measures, new moms can fulfill their sleep to some extent.

  • Whether it is daytime or evening time when the baby is sleeping, instead of doing any other work, the new mom should take a nap together.
  • Take a warm bath before sleeping at night. If you want, you can take herbal tea. Both these remedies can help you sleep well.
  • Understand the sleeping pattern of the baby. Make your sleep routine accordingly.
  • If the baby is playing after feeding, then give them to other family members. At that time you can do household chores. You can also sleep when the baby takes a nap.
  • Avoid consuming coffee or tea before bedtime.
  • Keep a distance from TV and mobile before going to bed. They work to disturb sleep.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

New moms have to breastfeed, due to which they should not be allowed to lack water in the body. Drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

Some women do not even remember to drink water with the care of the baby. In this way, you can set a water alarm in your phone. Apart from this, keep a bottle of water on your bed, sofa or wherever you sit throughout the day. With this, water will already be available with you in whatever corner of the house you are sitting with the child throughout the day.

3. Postpartum Massage Is Important

During the nine months of pregnancy and the process of delivery, a woman feels very tired mentally as well as physically. In such a situation, they get relief from massage. Along with this, pain in different parts of the body is also relieved.

Postpartum massage is also considered better for a woman’s quick recovery after delivery. It plays a helpful role in relieving muscle and tissue weakness during delivery.

4. Healthy Food

For six months after delivery, the baby only drinks mother’s milk. During this time, he gets complete nutrition from mother’s milk only. In such a situation, the new mom should not only take a good diet for her recovery after delivery. Rather, so that the baby can get enough nutrition, healthy food should also be consumed. According to experts, new moms should take a diet rich in fiber and protein along with fruits, vegetables.

5. Go to the Doctor on Time

The new mom has to go to the pediatrician from time to time after the delivery with the baby. Also, make sure to visit your doctor regularly for checkups.

Like the doctor can check the stitches applied for delivery. In addition, many women feel mentally weak after having a child. It starts getting angry on talk, irritable behavior and crying without talking etc. are its symptoms. This is known as the baby blues.

If a postpartum woman is having any kind of problem, then to overcome it, she must go to see the doctor on time for routine checkup.

So these were some such things that women who become mothers (Moms) for the first time must keep in mind. Because, during this time many things are new for them. In such a situation, the tips given in the article will prove to be helpful in keeping them healthy too.