7 Self Care Tips For New Moms To Be A Happy Mom From A Depressed Mom

7 Self Care Tips For New Moms To Be A Happy Mom From A Depressed Mom

With becoming a new mom, new and heavy responsibilities also come with a woman’s life. Such as baby feeding, bathing the baby, changing nappy, changing clothes and creating a calm environment for him to sleep. After so much work, the new mom is short of time for herself. This is the reason why in this article today we have brought self care tips for new moms.

The arrival of a child brings many changes in the life of a mother. The routine of a new mom is not the same as before. Their sleep-wake time, habits and rules start changing in turn. Due to increasing responsibilities, they have mental and physical ups and downs. In such a situation, many times new moms become victims of depression or severe sadness, which is known as postpartum depression.

Along with taking care of the baby, the new mom will find herself mentally, physically and emotionally strong and healthy. The most important thing for this is self care. In this article, we are going to share 7 self care tips with new moms, which you can follow to become a happy mom from a depressed mom.

Self Care Tips For New Moms

Along with taking care of the baby, it is important for a mother to take time for herself and take care of herself. Below, new moms are sharing some tips on how to take care of themselves:

1. Take Yourself Out of the Baby Blues

After the birth of a baby, a woman’s body goes through many hormonal, physical and mental changes. During this time many women can feel mentally week. In such a situation, it is common for them to be emotional, irritable and angry. This is known as the baby blues.

To bring yourself out of the baby blues, share your feelings with your partner, friends and other family members. Leave the child with other members of the house and go for a walk or shopping outside for a while. This will make you feel better. If the condition does not improve, consult your doctor about it.

2. Focus on Diet

New mothers also have to breastfeed their baby. In such a situation, the child also depends on the nutrition of their body. That’s why the new mom needs to pay special attention to the diet. Otherwise, there may be a lack of nutrients and weakness in the body. So eat healthy food rich in protein and calcium.

3. Self-Care Tips for New Moms: Sleep Well

After the birth of the baby, the mother loses her sleep at night. They also have to stay awake at nights with the child. Many women wake up at night with the baby and are busy with other activities during the day. Because of this, they are unable to get enough sleep. In such a situation, try that when the child sleeps during the day, you should also leave all the work and sleep with him. If you get enough sleep, it will give you rest and you will have a quick recovery.

4. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day

Due to breastfeeding in the new mom, many times there is a lack of water in the body. In such a situation, they should keep drinking water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated. If you are not able to drink much water, then you can also take drinks like lemonade, watermelon juice, strawberry juice etc. Along with keeping your body hydrated, they can also be helpful in the supply of vitamin-C and other minerals.

5. Always Carry Sunscreen With You

New mom’s skin becomes very sensitive after delivery, which should be your priority to take care of. Because during this time the skin is more prone to dermatitis, eczema and other infections. Due to hormonal changes in the body of new moms, dark patches can occur when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Therefore, always apply sunscreen on the face, hands and feet 15 minutes before leaving the house. This will give you protection from ultraviolet rays.

Note: Always choose a dermatologist-tested sunscreen for new moms. Ordinary sunscreens may contain some ingredients that can harm the baby.

6. Pay Attention to Your Looks

Many mothers forget to take care of themselves while taking care of the child. After getting up in the morning, after bathing, comb it from time to time, apply kajal, mascara etc. This will increase your self confidence. If you look good, you will feel good too.

7. Self Care Tips for New Moms: Go on a Walk

Any kind of exercise and heavy work is prohibited for six months after the start of delivery. But instead of being locked in the house for the whole day, wake up in the morning and go for a walk. This will give you fresh air and you will feel light. If you want, you can also take the help of meditation.

In this article, you learned how important it is for a new mom to take care of herself along with the baby. Also, there are some tips for new moms, with the help of which they can take care of themselves.

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