Sensitive Skin during Pregnancy

Sensitive Skin during Pregnancy

Women face many problems during pregnancy. The pregnancy period is a very sensitive period. During this, the pregnant has to take full care of herself as well as the baby in her womb. What to eat – what to drink, how to sit and get up, even how to take care of sensitive skin during pregnancy, as well as some rules have to be followed for sleeping.

Despite trying so hard to become a mother, a pregnant woman has to face one or the other problem. One of these is taking care of sensitive skin during pregnancy. The skin of many pregnant women becomes very sensitive during the pregnancy period.

Taking care of sensitive skin for the entire nine months of pregnancy becomes very challenging. But you don’t need to think at all. Because in this article today we are going to talk about this topic. So let’s know how you can take good care of your sensitive skins during pregnancy period.

Is it Normal to have Sensitive Skin During Pregnancy

Yes, it is normal to have sensitive skins during pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels in the body make the skin sensitive to sunlight, detergents, chlorine, and certain foods. Its symptoms are rash, swelling, prickling, irritation and itching on the skin. The condition of women who have sensitive skin before pregnancy may be more serious during pregnancy.

Which Skin Products are not Safe During Pregnancy

Below are some of the products that can dry out your skin during pregnancy. So it would be better to avoid using them.

  • Stay away from body wash. It contains chemicals, which can cause dry skin in pregnancy. Instead, you can use a homemade cleanser for bathing. If using body washes is a habit, there are special body washes available in the market, which can help keep your skin healthy.
  • Keep away from soaps containing dyes, fragrances.
  • Reduce bath time. Bathing in hot water for a long time can cause irritation on the skin.
  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to take a bath.
  • Do not rub the skin with a towel after taking a shower. This can make the skin drier than before.
  • Do not apply perfume.
  • Do not use normal detergent to clean clothes. It can also cause irritation on sensitive skin.
  • Do not use bleach and facial creams.

Tips to Care Sensitive Skin During Pregnancy

The following things need to be taken care of if the skins is sensitive during pregnancy. Let’s know the important tips for sensitive skin in pregnancy:

  • Use unperfumed lotion and soap.
  • Avoid synthetic clothing.
  • Choose skin care products with sensitive skin.
  • Sensitive skin can be easily damaged by sunlight. So, don’t forget to always apply a light sunscreen every day. If you want, you can get a moisturizing cream and sunscreen prescribed by a dermatologist.
  • Can take mineral makeup. They do not contain preservatives and black pores.
  • Clean clothes with Mom’s biological and unperfumed detergent.
  • Calamine, ceramides, petroleum jelly, vitamin E etc. can be used.
  • Instead of rubbing and wiping the face after cleaning it, gently pat it dry.
  • Dry skin in pregnancy is causing itching, so do not scratch the skin. Itching of the skin can sometimes cut the skin, which can lead to infection.

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In this article, you learned about the tips related to the care of sensitive skin in pregnancy. Hope every information given in the article related to sensitive skin in pregnancy will be useful to you. If you have any other query related to this, then it would be better to consult a specialist regarding this. Happy and safe pregnancy.

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