You Shouldn’t Even Share Makeup with Your BFF’s

Share Makeup with Your BFF's

Have you ever been a part of a never ending game of makeup exchange with your girl gang? It sounds good but no, you shouldn’t. If you take beauty products from your friends or give them to use your beauty products, then you have to stop it. Actually, if you regularly apply makeup of others on your face or use makeup exchanged with friends, then it can have a negative effect on your skin. Which includes pink eye, bacterial infection even herpes etc. Now if you are scared to share makeup products or you are wondering why you should not do this, then after the reasons mentioned here, you will understand why you should not do it.

Gives Bacteria a Chance to Grow

You should keep cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges at least once in 2 weeks. So do you actually do this? Let’s say you clean these once in 2 weeks but do your friends? All we want to say here is that you don’t know how your friend puts on makeup. In fact, no matter how clean the product may appear from the outside, it may have been left outside for a long time and because of this bacteria can grow in it. Also, using someone else’s lipstick, mascara or even kajal can cause some kind of reaction or allergy. Because of this you should not share your makeup.

Mold and Fungus Growth

Apart from products, you should also not share makeup tools. Unsanitary storage and handling of makeup may result in fungus on the product surface. And sometimes you are not able to remove that fungus from the product. Like with mascara or lip gloss etc. Because of this, using makeup can have an adverse effect on your skin.


Now that your makeup and tools have become a breeding ground for germs, you may end up with pimples or acne on your face. Because of this, avoid using makeup products that have been used by someone else. For example, sharing eye makeup can give you red eye infection etc. Similarly, lipstick also catches bacteria or viruses very quickly. Also, if your friend has acne prone skin and you use their makeup, then it can cause infection on your skin too.

Then a Little More Infection

Most of us don’t clean our makeup tools regularly, we mean it takes a lot of effort to clean them too. Is not it? Because of this, product tends to collect on your makeup tools and using them regularly can lead to infections on your face. Plus you never know how your friends keep their makeup products. Because of this you should not share your products with anyone.

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