Short Height Girls Should Not Follow These Fashion Trends

Short Height Girls: Whether the height is less or more, however, it does not make any difference to your personality. But what you are wearing according to the height and what things to carry, it definitely affects your overall look. Nowadays everyone wants to look stylish. For which they follow the latest fashion trends. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before following any trend. For this, you should pay attention to many things like your body type, skin tone and height. Know Short Height Girls Should Not Follow These Fashion Trends.

Short Height Girls Should Not Follow These Fashion Trends

Today here we are going to talk about those fashion trends which do not look good on short height girls. Because there are some fashion trends that help you look taller, while there are some that make you look taller and shorter and at the same time spoil your look. You should avoid following these fashion trends, let’s know what are those fashion trends.

Avoid wearing midi length skirts

The combination of both top or shirt looks great with a skirt. But short height girls should avoid wearing midi length skirts. This makes his feet look very small. If you like skirts, you can wear short skirts or long skirts. Just avoid wearing mid-length skirts.

Say no to Round Toe Hills

Round toe hills look great. This type of footwear makes your long legs look smaller. If your height is short then you should not wear such heels, instead you can wear pointed toe hills. Apart from looking stylish, it will also make your legs look longer.

Short Height Girls Should Not Follow These Fashion Trends

Do not carry oversized Bags

Big or oversized bags are in great demand these days, of course they look great. However, due to this, your body looks less. For those who are small, choosing a medium size bag instead of a large one is the best option.

Oversize jeans will not Suit

Women prefer oversized jeans as they make them look more comfortable and cool (Short Height Girls). Some women also follow it in street look, but if you are short height then you should avoid wearing oversized jeans. But if you want to flaunt a street look then you can wear stretched boyfriend jeans. You can use it with any fitted top.

Don’t have long hair

Most of the girls like to have long hair and they also work hard to maintain them. If you are short in height, then short hair will look better on you. Short hair helps to highlight the neck line of short girls.

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