Tips For Make Your Short Nails Look Longer

Tips For Make Your Short Nails Look Longer

Your hands and your feet tell about your personality, how hygienic you are. It starts with keeping the skin hydrated and then nails play an important role in making or breaking our look. In such a situation, if your nails are also short, and you are not happy with them, then we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which you can easily make your nails look bigger. So let us tell you about these tips without any delay. Tips For Make Your Short Nails Look Longer.

In fact, nails are usually quite fragile and if you do household chores regularly, you might end up breaking your nails. In such a situation, if a situation arises where you have to go to a party or a function, then the following methods can be very useful for you.

Tips For Make Your Short Nails Look Longer

Shape Your Nails

By shaping your nails in the right way, you can make your nails appear longer. You can give them almond or round shape. But avoid the square shape as it makes your nails look smaller.


You can also make your nails look longer by trimming back your cuticles. This gives more space to your nailset and gives the effect of longer nails. However, carefully push your cuticles backward as this can also cause your cuticles to bleed.

French Manicure

This is a very common and loved manicure style, which makes your nails smooth, clean and long lasting. If you want, you can do this manicure at home or you can also get it done from the salon.

Nude Color

We all love funky shades but regular basis and journal nude nail paint will make your nails look longer. If you apply dark nail polish, then your nails appear smaller in it. For this reason, apply nude nail polish according to your skin shade.

Nail Art

Nail arts make your nail look beautiful. Some designs make your nails appear longer and there are also some nail arts that make your nails look shorter. For this reason, choose designs that have small patterns with small dots and thin horizontal lines.

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