Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels: Many women use high heel sandals to look stylish and glamorous. Earlier only models and actresses used to wear high heels. However, nowadays almost all women wear high heels. Women like to wear high heels in parties, shopping and office to look tall and beautiful. Anyone who has worn it would know that wearing high heels for hours causes a lot of pain in the feet. But due to constant pressure on the feet due to continuous wearing of high heels, this problem gets aggravated. But you may not know that increasing problems require surgery. Yes, then if you have a habit of wearing high heels for hours, then first definitely know about its side effects.

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

Risk of Fracture

According to experts, wearing high heels all the time affects the bones of the feet, lumbar bones and hips. Apart from this, your body posture also deteriorates. Wearing high heels also increases the risk of fractures in the bones, for which there is a need for surgery.

Foot Pain

Wearing high heels for hours increases the risk of back and back pain. This creates tension and tension in the muscles. In addition, increased pressure on the knees and hips also increases the risk of uterine rupture.

Arch Strain

Wearing high heels affects the feet. Due to which the legs become slightly bent as compared to normal. Wearing high heels for a long time causes a lot of pain in the feet. It is common to feel strain in the feet and pain in the toes.

Loss of Body Posture

Wearing too high heels can damage your body posture. Sometimes it is better to wear high heels. But wearing high heels everyday and for a long time is not right.

Knee Pain

Wearing high heels also puts pressure on the spine. that affects the knees. Continuously wearing high heels can cause knee pain for a long time.

Tip – If wearing high heels causes more pain in the feet, then put salt in lukewarm water and keep the feet. By doing this your feet will also get relief and the pain will also reduce.

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