Must Know Things About Singapore Bus Service From India 2023

Singapore Bus Service From India: Do you remember when there was talk of bus service from India to London and this information got us all excited? Now the same company is also starting Bus Trip from India to Singapore and we are very happy to know that. So let us tell you in detail about this bus service and their package etc.

Singapore Bus Service From India

This will be the route

While going from India to Singapore through this bus service, you will get a chance to roam in 5 countries. It will take you from Ali and Yangon in Myanmar. This will be followed by Bangkok and Krabi in Thailand, then Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and finally Singapore.

The journey will start from Imphal on 1st November and then reach Singapore via Myanmar, Bangkok, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur. In this journey you will travel a distance of 4500 kms. Gurugram-based company Adventure Overland is offering 20 days of seating capacity. (Singapore Bus Service From India)

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This will be the price

The booking of this journey is being done on first come first serve basis and its cost is Rs 6 lakh 25 thousand. This includes your food, travel, hotel stay and visa fees etc.

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just how comfortable

In this bus you will get WIFI, entertainment system, pantry and private locker. Along with this, you will also get a washroom in the bus. (Singapore Bus Service From India)

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Safety regarding covid-19

Keeping in mind the Covid-19, a party has been made in the middle of the seat in the bus so that social distancing can be followed. We really liked this idea of ​​traveling to 5 countries by bus and if you also want to do this kind of adventure, then book early.

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