Home Remedies Get Rid of Sinus Infection

Home Remedies Get Rid of Sinus Infection

Nasal congestion is common in winters. But always having a blocked nose can be a symptom of sinus. Sinus Infection is a problem related to the nose that occurs due to allergies, bacterial infection or cold. Although sinus gives problem in every season, but in winter season the problem of sinus increases even more. Due to sinus, mucus starts accumulating in the body, due to which there is pain in the head all the time and there is also a feeling of difficulty in breathing.

Home Remedies Get Rid of Sinus Infection

If you also have frequent sinus problems and due to this there is swelling on the face and water starts flowing continuously from the nose. It causes difficulty in breathing. Not only this, many times due to sinus, there is no smell of anything along with the deteriorating taste of the mouth, so here we are telling you some such home remedies of naturopathy, with the help of which you will start getting benefits immediately.

Home Remedies Get Rid of Sinus Infection

Take Steam

You can take steam to get rid of sinus. For this, mix 1 drop of rosemary oil and Ova in hot water in a vessel and then take steam. The problem of swelling is also cured by taking steam and the nose also starts opening.

Use Turmeric-Ginger

Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger has a warming effect and is also rich in antioxidants. You can also take turmeric and ginger tea. It helps to reduce sinus. Apart from this, mixing 1 teaspoon honey with fresh ginger juice and taking it 2-3 times a day also provides relief in sinus.

Garlic is Effective

Garlic has a warming effect and gives warmth to the body. This gives relief to a great extent in the problem of phlegm. People who have sinus problems can get relief by roasting 2-3 cloves of garlic regularly and chewing it.

Drink lukewarm water

If you often have sinus problems, then make a habit of drinking lukewarm water only. Because using cold water can aggravate the problem. Along with this, get enough sleep of 8 hours. With this, you will get healed from this problem soon.

Drink Soup

From vegetable soup to chicken soup, it is beneficial to get rid of sinus pain. You can use fresh herbs to make these soups.

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