How Sirona Menstrual Cup Changes My Periods Experience

A year ago I made a change in my period management and decided to use menstrual cups. I came to know about it then and

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How Sirona Menstrual Cup Changes My Periods Experience

A year ago I made a change in my period management and decided to use menstrual cups. I came to know about it then and then after doing a little research, I felt that I should try a menstrual cup once but due to being a heavy menstrual cycle, I did not initially feel that a small cup Can help me so much in periods. Also the pads we all use during periods cause a lot of damage to our environment and also my sensitive skin used to get rash due to periods which was not helpful at all.

During my research on menstrual cups, I came to know about Sirona’s menstrual cup and decided to give it a try. Although, initially I was a bit scared to use it as I was scared to use the cup but after some trials and YouTube sessions it became very easy for me to use it and after two days of heavy blood flow it became very easy to use. The cup changed my perspective on periods for me.

Now I do not worry about my period cycle as much as before and I also participate in all the activities that I used to take part in on a normal day, so let me tell you how Sirona Menstrual Cup worked for me And completely changed my experience.

How Sirona Menstrual Cup Changes My Periods Experience

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Save Money

For example, before using the menstrual cup, I used to use two pads at the same time while going out. Because of this I had to use at least 1 packet of sanitary napkins every month and because of this I also had to spend a lot of money.

I bought my Sirona cup at a discount and the menstrual cup wash was only Rs.180 and since then I haven’t spent any money on my periods. Earlier I used to spend around Rs.500 on my period cycle and if we calculate, it becomes Rs.6,000 a year. Here I would like to tell you that Sirona cups are made from high quality medical grade silicone and they can last for at least 8 years.

Can I Work Out During Menstruation

I used to have a gap of 1 week in workouts when the first period came. Because for 4-5 days the workout was missed only because of the periods and the rest of the days used to push himself back to workout. It was not an option for me to work out earlier during menstruation as there is heavy flow.

But after switching to the menstrual cup, this experience has also changed a lot for me. Heavy duty workouts are no longer difficult for me and now I can lift weights even during my periods.

Restful Sleep at Night

There was a time when I used to sleep with three pads in the night, but even after this, the bedsheet used to be stained and I could not sleep peacefully throughout the night. I was always worried about sleeping at night during periods because no matter how hard I tried, I would get stains on the bedsheets in the morning on heavy flow days. And now after using the menstrual cup, I can sleep in any position even during periods and sleep peacefully without worrying about getting stained.

No Rash

Everyone will agree with me that heavy flow during periods gives itself an itchy feeling on days. But do you know that after using the menstrual cup, you will not feel anything like this. You do not have to worry about getting stains again and again, nor do you have to worry about changing pads frequently. Plus, it’s so comfortable that you might forget that you have your period.

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