Do Not Use These Things on The Skin During Pregnancy

Do not use these things on the skin during pregnancy

The Skin During Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a very beautiful time in any woman’s life. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes, whether it is physical or mental. Even the hormones of a woman’s body also undergo a lot of changes during this period, due to which she can also have many types of skin problems. These include acne, itchy skin, pigmentation, etc. Usually these are for some time but can bother you a lot and in such a situation if you want to keep skin related problems away then you should follow the right skincare routine.

Do Not Use These Things on The Skin During Pregnancy

However, you should avoid using certain skincare products during this time as they can go into your bloodstream and harm your baby’s development (Skin During Pregnancy).

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Isotretinoin, a type of vitamin A, is available in both topical and oral forms (Skin During Pregnancy). Although it is useful in removing acne, but during pregnancy it can be harmful to the health of your baby. For this reason, you should never use retinoid-containing skincare products during your pregnancy.

Salicylic Acid

Avoid using oral medications or peels containing salicylic acid during pregnancy as its anti-inflammatory agents can be harmful to your baby. Let us tell you that salicylic acid is used in all skincare products such as, cleansers, body washes, serums, lotions and acne scars treatments etc.


One is a prescription product that is used to lighten the skin or reduce skin pigmentation caused by melasma and chiliasm. However, large amounts of hydroquinone are absorbed by the body and cause side-effects. For this reason it is better not to use it during pregnancy (Skin During Pregnancy).

Chemical Sunscreen

There are many such sunscreens in the market, which contain things like oxybenzone etc. This type of sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun (Skin During Pregnancy). On the other hand, oxybenzone is an endocrine disrupting chemical and if you come in contact with it during pregnancy, it can affect your hormones.

Benzoyl Peroxide

High concentration of benzoyl peroxide can cause inflamed skin, blood flow etc. during pregnancy. For this reason, before applying such things on the skin during pregnancy, definitely consult a doctor.

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