Skincare Products That Keeps Pollution at Bay

Skincare Products That Keeps Pollution at Bay

Skincare Products: If the warning sign has not come in your mind from the word pollution, then it may be that after knowing this, it may come. There are 22 cities out of the 50 most polluted cities in our country. Yes, you are reading right. Not only this, these pollution directly affect our life in many ways but most of us are not aware of it. Not only this, pollution also has an effect on our skin. The air we breathe is harming our skin equally and the thing to laugh is that earlier we used to think that due to pollution there is only a little tanning on the skin, we will remove it from the facial but it is not so.

How Air Pollution Affects the Skin

So let us talk about how air pollution affects the skin. Air pollution is the worst because it contains many pollutants mixed together as well as microscopic particles of waste. Due to which your skin starts getting hyperpigmentation, dark circles, excessive oil secretion and skin dullness etc. For this reason, we are here to tell you about some such products, which you can include in your skincare without breaking your beauty routine because people living in cities like Mumbai and Delhi cannot avoid pollution. In such a situation, the best option is that we try to protect the skin from it.


Moisturizing regularly widens your skin barrier which prevents air contaminants from penetrating the skin cells. Ceremide is a very powerful thing, which acts as a skin barrier. Hyaluronic acid is also known to be sodium hyaluronate which is a skin building ingredient and helps to keep the skin hydrated.


Pollution affects the skin’s microbiome, which is made up of bacteria and microorganisms and penetrates the skin. It affects the health of the skin. Only skincare products that contain microbiome help to improve skin health.

Physical UV Blocker

UV light enters your skin like a stealth bomber that breaks down collagen and elastic fibers, causing wrinkles and saggy skin, and alters cellular DNA, which increases the risk of cancer. But there is another reason to shield your skin, which is pollution and because of this you must apply sunscreen with SPS 30 or Hair which works to protect the skin from both pollution and UV rays.


Antioxidants are free radicals that help protect skin cells. According to a significant study, it may be possible to repair your skin that has been damaged due to pollution. For this, you should apply an antioxidant serum, which contains vitamins C, E and ferulic acid, on your skin at least twice.

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