Sonam Kapoor Shares Makeup Tutorial Which you can Create in 10 Minutes

Sonam Kapoor Shares Makeup Tutorial Which you can Create in 10 Minutes

Sonam Kapoor is not only a fashionista of the Bollywood industry but also a wonderful actress. His grace and charm is very good. She is a perfect diva and has also won a National Award. Although there are many such things about Sonam Kapoor (Makeup Tutorial), which we like, but the most important thing is that she always shares her mantra with fans.

Actually, Sonam Kapoor has recently shared her makeup (Tutorial) routine video on social media. In this makeup video, she has told how she conceals her dark circles. Also, this makeup look of Sonam Kapoor is very easy to get and you too can get this look of her in just 10 minutes. For this you just have to follow the tips given below.

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Apply Foundation and Concealer Under the Eyes

First wash your face and apply primer. Now apply a little foundation on your face and then apply a little liquid concealer under the eyes, so that your dark circles are covered. Apart from this, if you see a spot somewhere else on your face, then apply it there too. After this, even the concealer with the makeup blender. However, do not apply concealer where it is not needed, otherwise your skin will look uneven.

Loose Powder

Take a little loose powder on your finger and fix the concealed area. Then apply a compact powder with a medium sized blending blush and apply the brush all over the face to give coverage.


After this take a blush and apply light pink tinted blush on your cheeks and also on your nose. Blend it well.

Define Brow

Brows are a feature of your face and because of this, define brows well. After this it is also important to fill the brow well. If you want, you can also use your old mascara for this.


Now apply nude pink lipstick on your lips. If you want, you can also apply any other shade of lipstick of your choice so that your lips look natural and beautiful.

Highlight Face

Now after this highlight your face. For this, you can use a mild golden tint highlighter and use a highlighter brush to apply it. Apply it on your nose and cheeks at the high points, under the eyebrows, and on the forehead and chin.


Like the eyebrows, it is also important to feature the eyelashes and so apply mascara on your eyelashes. After that just wear the dress of your choice and you are ready.

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