6 Reasons Why You Should keep Spider Plant in your Home

6 Reasons Why You Should keep Spider Plant in your Home

If you love plants, then we have come up with a new plant to add to your plant collection and it is called Spider Plant. Spider plants is a beautiful indoor plant and is found in tropical parts of South Africa. It is called spider plant because its leaves are spider-like. Its leaves are quite thin and it is a mixture of white and green leaves.

Also, there are many benefits of keeping a spider plant. Spider plants look very beautiful. They complement your home décor instantly. You can put the spider plants as a hanging in your living room or as a table décor in the bedroom.

Spider plants also have many health benefits and here we are going to tell you 5 reasons to keep them at home.

Clears the Air

Spider plants helps to clean the air. If you keep this plant in your house, then it removes harmful chemicals like toluene’s, carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde etc. in the air present in the house. According to NASA reports, the spider plant works like magic in removing harmful chemicals from the house.

Increases Oxygen Level

If you keep a spider plant in the house, it will also improve your breathing. It increases the oxygen level inside the house as well as makes it easier for you to breathe.

It is Therapeutic

We all want our home to be stress free, positive vibe and ultimately we spend most of the time at home. However, sometimes there is an atmosphere of anxiety and tension in the house as well. If you keep a spider plant at home, then it helps you in many ways. Several studies have found that the spider plant helps reduce stress levels. Along with this, it is also believed that it helps in maintaining your mood better.

Spider plants are quite therapeutic as they help to relieve your anger, anxiety, tension and depression etc. These plants help in creating a healthy environment in the house.

Safe for pets too

If you have pets, you may be looking for plants for your home that don’t emit harmful toxins. Because of this spider plant is the best option for you. The spider plant does not emit harmful toxins and is completely safe for pets. At the same time, it increases oxygen and because of this gives a better environment for the pets.

They don’t need much care

We all look for those types of plants that require little care. Spider plant is also one of these and it can live easily in all types of climate conditions. Also you cannot kill it by giving more water or by giving less water. Also, it can survive in low sunlight and direct sunlight conditions. Because of this, the plant is a good choice for all types of conditions.

Signs of Speedy Recovery

Have you ever noticed spider plants in hospitals? Actually, spider plants are kept in patients’ rooms in hospitals because they indicate a quick recovery. It is believed that if you keep a spider plant in the patient’s room, it improves his blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.

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