Follow These Steps to Get Puppy Eyeliner look

Follow These Steps to Get Puppy Eyeliner look

Have you ever seen a puppy and you fell in love with its cuteness? Korean beauty trends and makeup etc. are very famous and in today’s time, people from all over the world are trying Korean trends. One of these trends is Puppy Eyeliner look. By applying eyeliner like this, your eyes look big and beautiful. While everyone makes a feline line on the outside, in this look, the liner is applied towards the lower lash line. So let us tell you how you can try this eyeliner look.

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Follow These Steps to Get Puppy Eyeliner look

– You can get this look with any color or eyeliner of your choice.

– First of all, try it with kajal so that when you apply eyeliner, you can get the right look.

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– If you want, you can also use bright color on the flick.

Step 1- First of all, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.

Step 2- Now apply creamy hush on the lid.

Step 3- Now take the eyeliner and apply it on the inner corner of your upper eyelid and curve it down.

Step 4- Connect the mascara to the lower lash line with the eyeliner from the center to the edge. If you want, you can also blend the kajal with the help of an eye liner brush.

Step 5- Use colorful eyeliner to fill in your lower lash. can use. It is not necessary to apply mascara if you do not want to.

Step 6- Now curl your lashes with a waterproof mascara.

Step 7- Now shape your brow and fill in the gap.

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