How Can You Strengthen Your Hair Roots Ayurveda Tips

How Can You Strengthen Your Hair Roots Ayurveda Tips

Strengthen Your Hair Roots: Who does not like long, dark and thick hair? But to get such healthy fine hair, the roots of the hair should be strong. For this they need proper nutrition, which will lead to abundant hair growth. The oil glands present on our scalp protect your hair follicles. It provides protection against dandruff, hair breakage and split ends. But it is very difficult to maintain it. Hair health is also deteriorating due to changing weather, pollution and your health related complaints. That is why it is very important to take extra care of your hair in time. Otherwise, due to excessive hair fall, problems like baldness also start appearing.

How Can You Strengthen Your Hair Roots Ayurveda Tips

Hair nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D and protein if not in the right amount in your diet then your hair follicles also do not get enough blood supply, their health is affected and they become weak. Also, using too much chemical based shampoo is also natural for hair breakage and weakening of their roots. Your hair roots will be strong only then your hair will be healthy.

That is why today we are going to tell you here that some such Ayurvedic remedies that will make your hair roots strong. Ayurveda says that if you want healthy hair, then external remedies alone will not work. For good quality hair, it is very important to apply oil, wash it on time and take nutritious food. So let us know how to take care of the hair and its roots in the way mentioned in Ayurveda.

Eat a Complete Diet

It is important for your hair that your diet should contain protein, as well as iron in the right amount. For this, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Along with this, walnuts and almonds should also be included in the diet. Along with this, you should consume oil and ghee in the right amount.

Don’t eat too much fried food

Eating extra fatty foods increases cholesterol and prevents nutrients from reaching the hair follicles and weakens the hair. Therefore, refined oil, palm oil, sugar and starchy foods should not be eaten in excess. Too much oil and spicy foods weaken the hair follicles. Eating too much salt can also cause this disease. So eat a lot of pickles, sauces etc.

Oil massage is necessary in the hair

The hair roots need to be applied with the best quality oil regularly, the massage done with such oil strengthens the hair roots. The best way is to apply oil in the hair at night and wash it in the morning.

Try Ayurvedic Hair Mask

Applying ayurvedic mask to the hair once a week maintains the health of the hair. These masks nourish the hair roots. We can make such masks at home in the manner prescribed in Ayurveda.

onion Hair Mask

Mix 4 teaspoon onion juice, 1 pinch black pepper powder, 4 teaspoon honey and apply it on the hair roots. Wash the hair for half an hour. Onion improves blood circulation in the hair follicles. and helps in hair growth.

Triphala Hair mask

Mix one spoon Triphala powder, 2 spoon apple vinegar, 2 spoon honey and apply it on the roots of the hair. Wash the hair for half an hour. This makes the hair roots thick.

Cinnamon Hair mask

Mix one teaspoon cinnamon powder, 2 teaspoon honey, 4 teaspoon aloe Vera gel and apply it on the hair roots. Wash the hair for half an hour. This strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair fall.

Apart from this, amla powder, fenugreek powder, jaswant powder and coconut milk are also nutritious for hair. Hair masks made from it also strengthen the hair roots.

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