This Style of Manicure Pedicure will Surprise You Too

This Style of Manicure Pedicure will Surprise You Too

Style of Manicure Pedicure: The weather is changing. Cold-hot dry winds are harming the skin in their own way. Nature itself has given many solutions to avoid the negative effect of this changing mood. A modern form of these is candle manicure-pedicure. Why should it be done and how it nourishes your skin, know here…

This Style of Manicure Pedicure will Surprise You Too

Manicure pedicure is done in many ways to remove dryness and rough look of the skin of hands and feet. But in the changing season, its candle form is the best choice for you.

1. What is special about this candle?

You can also treat the candle manicure-pedicure process like a hand-foot facial (Manicure Pedicure). This specially designed candle is made from natural dead sea ingredients. By using which your skin gets dead sea minerals. Which remove the tanning of your skin as well as make it soft and supple. In addition, this candle also contains essential nutrients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Which retains the moisture of the skin for a long time. Dead Sea Candle Manicure-Pedicure Kit is also available in the market.

This Style of Manicure Pedicure will Surprise You Too

2. How do you use this candle?

During the starting process of pedicure manicure, when your hands and feet are immersed in hot water, these candles are kept burning during that time. So that it melts. After cleaning your hands and feet, instead of using any cream for scrub and massage, the melted wax of these candles is used, and they are scrubbed and massaged.

3. Here is the complete process

You can think of it as simple therapy. While doing this therapy, first the nails are cut and shaping is done with a filer. By applying conditioner to the cuticles, they are removed with a cutter and the nails are cleaned. For some time, your hands and feet are kept immersed in the water of Natural Dead Sea Bath Salt.

The molten wax from the scrub candle is then used as a scrub and then massaged with the wax from the massage candle (Manicure Pedicure). Afterwards, the skin is cleaned after soaking a towel in warm water and squeezing it. This brings moisture to your hands and feet. After cleansing the skin, the pack is applied to bring glow to the skin. After washing, lotion is applied.

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Note– Although this is a bit expensive process compared to other pedicure-manicures. But seeing its effect, you will forget the effect on your pocket.

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