Why You Should not Wear A Sweater While Sleeping

Why You Should not Wear A Sweater While Sleeping

In winter, people try to protect themselves from the cold by using woolen clothes to keep the body warm. Because warm clothes are good conductors of heat. It warms the body. Because of this, the heat produced in your body cannot be locked. At the same time, some people have a habit of sleeping wearing warm clothes at night. But this slight negligence of theirs can be harmful for the body. Today we are going to tell you about the effects of sleeping on warm clothes like sweaters. know Why You Should not Wear A Sweater While Sleeping.

Why You Should not Wear A Sweater While Sleeping

According to experts, blood vessels constrict in winter. Sleeping with blankets or quilts in warm clothes warms the body but at the same time it often causes restlessness, fear and low blood pressure. If any such problem becomes serious then it can be harmful for the body. Not only this, sleeping wearing woolen clothes can have a bad effect on your health as well as your skin. So let’s know about the side effects of sleeping by wearing woolen clothes at night.

Skin Allergy Problem

Sleeping in warm clothes can cause allergies and itching. Warm cloth threads on soft skin can cause itching or a rash. So if your skin is dry then it can cause more problems. There may be problems like rashes, scars, red spots on the skin. Therefore, sleeping wearing a sweater in winter is not advisable. If you want to wear a sweater, you should apply a good quality body lotion. This keeps the skin soft and reduces the chances of allergies.

Risk for Patients with Diabetes and Heart Disease

The fibers of warm cloth are generally thicker than fibers of cotton cloth. Meanwhile the air pockets are shortened, acting as a small insulator. Wearing a sweater at night, the fibers of woolen clothes lock your body heat while sleeping. In such a situation, the heat of sweaters in the winter season can be risk for diabetics and especially for heart patients. That’s why they should not sleep wearing a sweater even by forgetting.

Sleeping wearing woolen socks is also Risk

Experts agree that wool has good thermal insulation, but does not absorb sweat well. This allows bacteria to grow and blisters can also occur. Therefore, instead of wearing woolen socks at night, it is advisable to wear cotton socks. If this is a must in winters and you have no other option, wear cotton or silk socks.

Heart Attack Risk

Similarly, people suffering from heart problems are also forbidden from wearing woolen clothes at night. Actually, due to woolen clothes, the contact of the body with the air is completely stopped. Due to which, body temperature can increase and this can increase the risk of heart attack.

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