How to Take Care of Net Fabric Clothes Tips

How to Take Care of Net Fabric Clothes Tips

Net Fabric Clothes Tips: The fashion of net or mesh fabric is evergreen. You get a variety of fashionable net sarees and suits in the market. But no matter how expensive or cheap you buy them, if you keep it neat and careless, then your net clothes will not be able to last long in your wardrobe. Because if the net clothes are not taken care of properly, then they start tearing very quickly and instead of being soft, they become stiff. know How to Take Care of Net Fabric Clothes Tips.

How to Take Care of Net Fabric Clothes Tips

Actually, net is one of the most sensitive fabrics, so it is very important to take special care of them. Because net fabrics are delicate and if you do not pay attention to them, they can spoil very quickly. That is why today here we are going to tell you some easy tips (How to Take Care of Net Fabric Clothes) to take care of net sarees and suits, by following which you can keep them new for years.

How to wash Net Clothes

Do not wash net sarees or suits in the washing machine. Use soft detergent instead of hard detergent while washing them. To maintain the color and luster of the saree or suit, it is better to wash it by hand and wash it at least once. Do not wash it excessively.

Net Clothes Drying Method

The net saree or suit should be dried in the shade instead of drying in the sun. Because net is a very light fabric which dries up even in air. Therefore it is better to wash it at night and dry it in the open air. Drying a net saree in the sun makes it hard and dulls its colour.

How to Press Net Fabric

Never use a direct press on a net saree or suit. It may burn or its thread may be too weak, and there is a possibility of tearing the saree or suit. While pressing the net cloth, a cotton cloth should be spread on it first.

Net Fabric Maintenance

Always keep the net saree or suit folded. If there are folds in the net (Net Fabric Clothes Tips), it is very difficult to correct them. When this happens, sprinkle a little water on it while pressing and spread a cotton cloth on it and press it with the press. Also, while folding the net saree, apply butter paper or newspaper on each fold. By doing this there will be no crease on your saree. Instead of hanging the net saree, keep it in a bag or cover it with a cotton cloth.

Take Care

If you want your net saree to remain the same, then never use perfume in it. There are some chemicals in perfumes that don’t do much damage to tough fabrics (Net Fabric Clothes Tips), but they do a lot of damage to delicate fabrics such as net or mesh fabrics. If you follow all these tips, then your net saree or suit will remain as new.

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