How to Take Care of Silk Saree Tips

How to Take Care of Silk Saree: It is said that women look more beautiful in saree. Saree is such a dress that you can

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How to Take Care of Silk Saree Tips

How to Take Care of Silk Saree: It is said that women look more beautiful in saree. Saree is such a dress that you can wear it on any occasion. No matter how fashionable the dress, one piece, kurta, the beauty of the saree is different. On the other hand, if the sari is of silk, then what to say? The fashion of silk sari in festival and party-functions remains the same today as it was in the past. Although there are many types of silk sarees, but most of them are very expensive. Apart from this, due to its zari work and hand-weaving, it is a little more delicate than other materials. As such, they require special maintenance.

How to Take Care of Silk Saree Tips

If you buy an expensive saree, then you would like it to remain as it is for a long time. If not taken care of silk sarees, it gets spoiled quickly. So some tips on keeping silk sarees in order from year to year will surely be beneficial for you. That is why today here we are going to tell you some easy tips on how to take care of silk sarees and suits, by following which you can keep them fresh for years.

How to wash silk saree

If you do not always give a silk saree for dry cleaning, then you can wash it at home. For this, use shampoo instead of surf in the water (How to Take Care of Silk Saree). This helps in getting rid of the stains on the saree and also maintains its shine. Big fashion designers also wash silk clothes in the same way. Apart from this, mix one teaspoon of salt and the juice of one lemon in half a bucket of water. Now soak the silk saree in this water for 30 minutes. Then dip it in plain water and squeeze it. This trick is also very effective.

Never Dryer

If possible, try to let the saree dry naturally. Don’t forget to put the dryer in the washing machine. Because silk sarees are neither washed with much rubbing nor squeezed much. By doing this the shine of these sarees gets reduced. (How to Take Care of Silk Saree)

What to do to remove stains?

If lipstick, oil or any other makeup product has been applied to the silk sari, then apply talcum powder on it and dry the stain. Then wipe with a clean cloth or tissue paper. Never try any other recipe. This can ruin your silk saree. (How to Take Care of Silk Saree)

Always keep covered

Never hang a silk saree directly on the hanger in the wardrobe. Always keep it in a cupboard by tying it in a cotton cloth or putting it in a sari cover so that it remains the same for a year. Nowadays, anyway, there are many options of saree covers available in the market. You can use any of these covers to pack the saree.

How to stop smell coming from saree

Silk sarees should be kept in the sun on a day when the sun is good, so that the smell coming from the sarees does not come. But do not keep the saree in strong sunlight for a long time or else its color may fly away.How to Take Care of Silk Saree Tips

Choose such a Hanger

Never hang a silk saree in iron or wooden hangers. This can cause stains on the saree. To hang a silk saree for a few days, use only plastic or fiber hangers. This will keep the saree nice and secure.

Other Tips 

After wearing a silk saree, it can become wet due to sweat. So first dry the saree in the air. If you want, you can also clean the saree with mild detergent. Keeping a silk saree outside in an open space can spoil its color. To maintain the shine of silk sarees, always cover them and keep them in a clean place in the cupboard.

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