Know These Dos and Donts for Planting Basil at Home

Know These Dos and Donts for Planting Basil at Home

Basil plant has a special place in Hindu homes. It is said that if there is a Basil plant in the Home, then negative energy stays away and positive energy is transmitted in the house. Keeping Basil in the house is considered especially good in Vastu Shastra. After seeing the elders of your house, now if you also want to keep a Basil plant in your house, then first know these 10 facts. These facts will guide you how to do and what not to do while planting Basil in the house. Basil tree should always be in North or North East (North East) direction in the house. This direction is known for water, which destroys all kinds of negative energy. Basil Benefits for Skin and Face

1. Bring a Basil plant home only if you can take proper care of it. This is because if Basil dries up due to lack of care in the house, then it has a negative effect on the family members.

2. Basil plant brings happiness and peace in the house. But for this it is necessary that wherever you plant basil, that place should be clean.

3. Never plant Basil in the ground. It should always be planted in a pot.

4. Plant Basil in such a place where there is no shortage of sunlight. Basil tree needs good sunlight to grow without any hindrance.

5. If there is more than one Basil plant in the house, then plant it in odd numbers like one, three or five etc.

6. Do not plant Basil tree near any thorny plant. Plant flowers around Basil.

7. Always use a Kalash to pour water in Basil. For this, hold the Kalash with both hands.

8. Rama Basil and Shyama Basil are very popular to plant in the house. Rama Basil leaves are sweet and are known for their healing ability. Shyam Basil has medicinal properties and is very useful for cough, sore throat etc.