Why Do Brides Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason

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Why Do Brides Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason

Why Do Brides Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason: Every ritual and custom has its own importance in weddings in Hindu religion. Every ritual that takes place during marriage is done for some reason or the other and everyone has their own belief. As you must have seen that during the farewell to the wedding, the girl throws the rice from the plate backwards and then does not look back.

Many of you must have found this useless wasting ritual. But have you ever tried to know about the importance of the ritual of throwing rice, if not then you must have this information. (Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason)

Why Do Brides Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason

Actually, the ceremony of throwing rice is the last ritual in a marriage. After that moment the girl becomes a stranger forever. It means to say that she goes to another house. When the girl throws the rice backwards at the time of farewell, the girl’s parents or an elder member of the household collects it in her bag. Surely you must also want to know that what is the real reason behind performing this ritual? So let’s know about it. (Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason)

How is the Rice Throwing Ceremony

Why Do Brides Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason

After all the rituals in the marriage and just before sitting in the doli, when the bride starts leaving her house, her sister, friend or any lady of the house stands beside her with a plate of rice in her hand. From this plate, the bride has to lift rice with both hands 5 times. Sometimes this plate contains wheat, lye, bat ash or any grain or sometimes flowers.

The bride takes both her hands one by one and throws the rice five times with her hands backwards without looking back (Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason). The rice has to be thrown so hard that it falls on the whole family standing behind. The family standing behind the bride holds these rice in her by spreading her bag, Pallu or hand. According to the ritual, to whomever these rice goes, they have to keep them safe. Especially the one who is taking rice in the bag.

What is the recognition of throwing rice in farewell

After the girl leaves, the rice or grain thrown by her is thrown all over the house. Yes, in fact it is believed that a daughter who is considered to be the Lakshmi of the house, if she performs this ritual at the time of farewell, then there is never a shortage of food and money in her house in her maternal home. It is believed that when the bride throws rice backwards, with it she goes to her maternal home wishing her to be full of wealth. (Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason)

On the other hand, there is also a belief that this ritual is a way of saying thanks to your parents and family. Expressing gratitude for what they did for her from childhood till growing up, the bride goes to the maternal family by offering prayers in the form of this ritual. Along with this, when the new bride reaches her in-laws’ house, the bride and groom are also welcomed with rice after worshiping at the door. Because rice is also considered a symbol of wealth. That’s why it is called money rice. It is considered to be the most auspicious food and it is a symbol of fruit and wealth. (Throw Rice At The Vidai Reason)

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