Plumper Lips: Easy Tips and Gua Sha Trick to get Plumper Lips

Easy Tips and Gua Sha Trick to get Plumper Lips

Easy Tips and Gua Sha Trick to get Plumper Lips: We all have dreamed at some point of time that our lips look juicier and pout better. But you may not see your lips as you see in your dreams because the shape of their natural lips is different for every person. In such a situation, people try different things to get plumper lips, which are not natural.

Easy Tips and Gua Sha Trick to get Plumper Lips

But the good thing is that we have come up with a tips for this, which can help you a lot and you too can get plumper lips and for this all you need is gua sha. It also improves the blood circulation on your face and is also very good for your lips. So let us tell you a step by step guide to do this.

Step 1: Pick the Right Gua Sha

It is very important to understand that not every type of gua sha works for this, but for this you need a gua sha that has a comb-like pattern on the edge. The comb-like pattern helps in blood circulation and gua sha with flat edges are not as effective. This could also be because you put less pressure on your lips while using it.

Step 2: Prepare your lips

Just like you can’t glide gua sha on your dry skin, you can’t use it on your dry lips either. For this reason, apply a hydrating facial mist to your face first and then a few drops of lightweight, nourishing oil on your lips. You can also use ghee if you want. After this, with the help of your index finger, slide the gua sha on your lips.

Step 3: Does Your Gua Sha Do Magic?

Take your gua sha and clench your lips to one side and now slide the gua sha in an upward direction. Now slide the other side of the lips in the same way in an upward direction. Now after this use the combed side of Gua Sha and wiggle it around your lips in a continuous motion. If you want, you can also melt it near your lip line. (Plumper Lips)

Keep in mind that you do this only once a day and keep in mind that you do this only before going to sleep at night. If you do this more than once a day (Plumper Lips), it may backfire on your lips and create access pressure.

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