Tips For Hair Dye: Dyeing Your Hair For The First Time

Tips For Hair Dye: Dyeing Your Hair For The First Time

Tips For Hair Dye: Dyed hair looks very beautiful and the pop color of the hair also gives glow to your skin. It always reflects your style and at the same time shows your creative side. Also the best part of dyeing hair is that you just have to sit back and explain to the stylist what you want and it works like magic but if you do it by yourself then the whole story gets changed. Although it is really cheap to dye hair by yourself, but if you do not know how to do it, then you may not get the result you want.

We don’t want your hair to look bad after dyeing and for this reason we have come up with some tips and tricks that you should follow before dyeing your hair, especially when you are dyeing your hair for the first time. Have been Also, while dyeing hair, you can always take help from your friends or family members and do not hesitate at all before taking the help of anyone.

Tips For Hair Dye: Dyeing Your Hair For The First Time

Tips For Hair Dye: Dyeing Your Hair For The First Time

Understand your Hair

Before dyeing your hair you should understand about your hair and hair type. Hair types can be mainly divided into three. One wavy hair, second curly hair and third straight hair. However, they may contain some subtypes. Also, you should have an idea about the thickness and density of your hair.

Indian dark hair takes longer to lighten and curly hair is thicker than normal hair. Also, bleaching your hair more than 2 times can spoil the integrity of your hair and for this reason a 40 volume toner should be used.

Know your Skin Tone

Before thinking about what color or how you want to style your hair, it is important to understand the skin tone. Skin tones can vary from warm to cool tones, and if you have combination skin, some may be more of a cool tone or a warm tone.

Cool tones are those that look good on blue, purple or inky black etc. and warm tones are dark skin tones, which look good on brown hair or blonde and ash brown. You should understand which color will look best on your skin tone.

Now that you know your skin tone and hair type, you can easily decide what you want. It’s important to keep realistic goals and a backup plan in mind. For example if you go from black to blonde then bleach your hair 2 times and do it in gaps. This means bleach the hair first and then tone it with a toner but if you don’t get good results then have a plan B ready. You can always dye your hair a different color and then tone it down.

Divide Hair into Sections

Don’t forget to section your hair while dyeing it. Whether you’re bleaching or dyeing, sectioning your hair is very important. Sectioning causes your hair to even dye. Even if you bleach the hair, doing it in sections is even and there is no spotting. When bleaching, keep in mind that roots tend to bleach quickly because the scalp generates heat, which speeds up the process. While dyeing you should divide the hair into 4 sections but while bleaching you should divide the hair into smaller sections. For this you can use pins, clips or rubber bands.

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