7 Beauty Tips to Follow for A Glowing Skin in Summers

7 Beauty Tips to Follow for A Glowing Skin in Summers

While the skin looks bright in winter, people are often troubled by sticky and lifeless skin in summer. If you are still following a winter skin care routine, now is the time to change it. Follow these 7 easy beauty tips for glowing skin in summers. Know your summer skin care routine from Seema Nanda, Founder, Estético – The Facial Bar.

Steam Massage is the Key to Beauty

Massaging the face increases circulation and the difference in complexion is also visible. If you want to make steam massage more effective, then make sure to use an oil cleanser after massaging. This will keep the skin hydrated.

Sheet Face Mask will also Improve

The skin is detoxified and exfoliated with a sheet mask. You can use fiber mask, pulp mask, hydrogel mask or bio cellulose mask according to your convenience and need. By using a sheet mask, the skin gets all the necessary nutrients easily.

Exfoliation is also Important

If you are troubled by the problem of wrinkles on the skin, then this beauty tip is especially for you. Soak a clean cloth in warm water and then massage your face with it in an upward motion in circular motion. By repeating this daily, the problem of wrinkles can be avoided.

You will get Glow from Barley Tea

There are many benefits of drinking tea without milk. Be sure to include barley tea in your lifestyle for a glow on the face. By drinking this daily, your skin will start glowing in a few days and then you will not even complain about the taste.

Big work of little Exercise

As a child, you must have read A, B, C, D a lot. Now by taking out some letters of this, you have to exercise them. Yes… say A, E, I, O and U with a little stretch. Repeating this process three times increases circulation and many people believe that this exercise evens out the complexion of the skin.

Detox Private Parts

Put aromatic herbs in a pot filled with hot water. Place it under an open seated stool. Now sit on that stool for 30-45 minutes. This treatment not only clears the uterus, but also balances the hormone levels. The difference in the balance of hormone levels is clearly visible on the skin. This treatment is considered very effective for young women troubled by the problem of infertility.

Food is Right

Along with adopting these beauty tips to improve the skin (Tips to Follow for A Glowing Skin in Summers), it is necessary to make some changes in the diet as well. If you want a natural glow on the face, then increase the amount of fruits, green vegetables and water in your diet. Instead of taking soft drinks from the market, include homemade fruit juices in your lifestyle.


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