Tips to Prevent Your Kids from COVID

Tips to Prevent Your Kids from COVID

Once again the cases of COVID are increasing rapidly in the country. Just a few days ago, out of the guests attending Karan Johar’s birthday party, more than 50 people turned COVID positive. In such a situation, it is necessary that children should be kept away from it. In this article, we will know about the things parents should keep in mind to protect against COVID while going to school and tuition of the child. Also, will share the checklist of children’s bags during the Corona period (Tips to Prevent Your Kids).

Tips for Parents to Prevent COVID in Kids

For a long time, people have become very careless towards COVID. In such a situation, seeing the increasing cases of corona, it is natural for every parent to panic while sending the child to school and tuition. Below are some of the things that parents should keep in mind while sending their children to school.

1. Mask is your Armor

Masks are one of the important measures to protect children from COVID infection. It prevents the spread of infection by inhibiting droplets. Due to the low number of cases of COVID, people have become very careless about it. Some states have become masks free. At the same time, the rule of applying masks is still applicable in some states. But, people are not wearing masks anywhere.

COVID has reduced in the country, but not over. At the same time, there is no vaccine in children below 12 years of age. In such a situation, send the children to school wearing a mask. Buy a good quality mask for children after consulting a doctor. Keep a backup mask in the child’s bag as well.

2. Sanitizer is Necessary to Protect Against COVID

Do not forget to keep child sanitizer along with copy, books, lunch box, water bottle etc. in the child’s bag. Regular hand hygiene is very important to protect against COVID. Send the child to school explaining that after eating anything and coming and going to the bathroom, you must clean your hands with sanitizer.

Keep in mind that always buy chemical free sanitizer for children. Many such options of sanitizer will be found in the market which can be applied in the chain of the child’s bag. With this, the child will not need to remove the sanitizer from the bag again and again.

3. Packet of Tissue Paper

Instead of giving handkerchiefs to babies, keep a packet of tissue paper in their bag. Instruct children to keep a tissue over their mouth while sneezing or coughing and to put it in the dustbin after use.

4. Face Mask Holder to Protect Against COVID

Don’t forget to put a face mask holder in the child’s school bag. With this, if the child takes off the face mask while eating or going to the washroom, then he can safely keep the face mask in the face mask holder. Being careless about face masks can make your face more prone to germs and bacteria.

5. Water Bottle

Schools have common water taps for drinking water for children. But with all the children drinking water from the same tap and standing in line to drink water, there is a possibility of increasing the COVID infection. In such a situation, send a water bottle to the baby. Also, advise the baby not to fill the bottle in a crowd.

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Instead of being afraid of COVID, people have now learned to live with it. In view of the increasing cases of COVID for some time now, parents cannot stop their children from going to school. But do follow the things mentioned in the article towards the safety of children. With this, the baby can be protected from COVID infection to a great extent. Hope this article proves helpful to you.