Tips To Protect Children From Cold Weather

Tips To Protect Children From Cold Weather

The effect of winter is affecting the elders as well as the children. Winter weather can be challenging for young children and newborns. Viruses and bacteria grow faster in a cold environment and make young children ill. Children’s immunity is much less than adults, so the effect of these viruses and bacteria on them is very high. Due to this, children may have to face respiratory problems and even rotavirus infection. Apart from this, the skin of small children is soft. Due to the cold, the moisture of their skin can be snatched, due to which they can have many skin related problems. That’s why it is very important to take special care of children’s health during the winter season. know Tips To Protect Children From Cold Weather.

According to Dr. Rohit Kamble (Pediatrician and Neonatologist, SRV Hospital Chembur), due to the cold weather, children are prone to health problems like flu, cold, hypothermia, influenza, asthma, bronchitis. Apart from this, cold, disease insects, and other infections are rampant in this season. Hence, when the temperature outside drops, babies spend more time indoors and easily catch germs and infections. Coming in contact with others and sharing any items can increase the chances of infection and allergies.

Winter Health Problems in Children

Cold, cough and flu – all these things are commonly seen in children during cold days. This virus spreads from one child to another. Experts see a rise in the cases of cold, cough and flu among children during winters. Do not use any over-the-counter products. It is better to give the medicine to the child only as prescribed by the doctor.

Respiratory Health Problems – Pneumonia is seen in children during the winter season. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs. Symptoms of pneumonia are fever, cough and shortness of breath. Apart from this, children may have problems of bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, sore throat and middle ear infection. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a viral respiratory infection that eventually leads to bronchiolitis in children. It is very important to have timely treatment for all these problems.

Norovirus – This is an infection that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea that starts suddenly in children. Abdominal pain and muscle pain are its symptoms. It spreads through consumption of contaminated food and contaminated water. The second is rotavirus which is seen in infants and young children causing watery diarrhea and vomiting. This infection is highly contagious and is a common cause of gastroenteritis, often referred to as stomach flu.

Tips To Protect Children From Cold Weather

  • Try to keep the house warm. If the temperature drops too much, you can use electric appliances. Do not burn a girl near the child, it can affect the health of the child.
  • To protect the child from cold, dress him in warm clothes. Try increasing the temperature of the room and cover with light blankets. Wash new clothes with water first, then wear them.
  • The problem of nasal congestion is common in children. As prescribed by the doctor, keep nasal nozzle drops the medicine inserted in the nose.
  • If the stomach of the child is aching or the stomach is not getting clean, then giving celery will be beneficial.
  • Feed one spoon of Chyawanprash to children daily during the winter season. Chyawanprash is beneficial for children. If possible, give milk mixed with turmeric to the child.

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